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Lily Wright On Cowboy Boots And Growing Up As An Identical Twin

“I’m 19 years old and I study textiles at central Saint Martins. I’m born and raised in London and have a twin sister who studies fashion, so I always have someone to make me clothes ;)”

“…Growing up in London and going through phases has definitely shaped my style the most! I think everyone should have had an un-glam phase to learn from mistakes and laugh about it later.”

“…Young designers are my favourite. They’re still so fun and exciting! Charles Jeffrey Loverboy is one of the designers shaking up the fashion scene for sure, also Ashish for a bit of sparkle. Martine Rose Jeans are so cool as well. I rarely shop online as I like to feel the fabric of what I would be wearing but etsy is good for vintage of all prices! I think mixing vintage and new clothes makes things look really fresh and cool – dressing only vintage can look like a bit fancy dress so I love to mix. I adore my cowboy boots, my 80s party dress, my first marques almeida jeans and my afghan coat! Cowboy boots will forever be the best trend in my eyes.”

“…As children my mum always used to dress me and my twin sister in identical dresses that my grandma made when we were younger! We had super long hair so at age 4 we were basically covered in long dark curly hair and frills haha!”