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Girlboss Kath Ebbs On What She Would Tell Her Younger Self

Blogger/Smoothie Bowl Business Owner, Sydney

“I am a personal trainer, a small business owner of @thesmoothiebowlshack at Glebe Markets and a blogger of fashion, fitness and lifestyle.”

“If I could only wear one outfit for the rest of my life I’d probably wear a red turtleneck, baggy Levi’s, docs with colourful socks and hoop earrings.”

“As a child my favourite item of clothing was a pair of pink clogs. I wore them everywhere but sadly, on a road trip to Yamba, I left them in a McDonalds playground.”

“I’d tell my younger self not to worry, to be more confident, to never compare and just do YOU because that’s what everyone else is doing.”

Instagram: @kathebbss
Photographer: @danrobertsstudio


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