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Gemma Janes Talks Books and Being A Lazy Dresser

Book enthusiast, model, absolute beauty

Sendb00ks began when I realised I had to get all English books I’d collected in France home to London. Not the easiest thing to carry. So one night I uploaded them all on Instagram with funny captions. The next day I sent them out from the post office. I became an avid reader because I left school young to model and missed the feeling of education. I would devour books at castings, and often try and write in the style of each author afterwards.”

“It’s so nice when girls message me saying they had been feeling lost or uninspired by their lives and had found a sort of solace in the books. When I was sad growing up books were the only way I could lift myself out of a funk. I’d hide in a small room, preferably with a bath so I could lock the door and I would read until I forgot myself. Actually I still do this. A boyfriend once told me I read to many books and we broke up swiftly afterwards [laughs].”

“Erica Jong: Fear of Flying, Patti Smith: Just Kids, The Outsider: Albert Camus, Steppenwolf: Herman Hesse. All these have been life-changing content but are written simply and clearly with a good addictive pace.”

“I am a pretty lazy dresser. Most of my clothes have been borrowed from someone and never returned (sorry!) or bought when out in unsuitable clothing for the weather. Sometimes if I wake up feeling flat I put on an outfit that makes me feel different, something purposeful, e.g. some big boots, a blazer or flares, it can change my whole mood and day. For a while with modelling I only wore black skinny jeans and a leather jacket. The clothes bookers say make you look thin and hireable, I wanted to blend in and be unnoticed then. Now I’m happier with myself and I’m pretty sure personal style is becoming more desirable at castings finally.”

Instagram @gemmajanes | Photographer @brigdetteclark_