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The Transformative Power Of Fashion With Eva Schwager

Art History Student/Model/Artist, Paris

“One of the best things about fashion is the power it gives you to be whoever you want, whenever you want. Style has a significant impact on the way I feel and how people perceive me every day. Life is like a theatre play and clothes are your costume, style defines your character and the story you want to tell the world.”

“Fast fashion and mass consumption emptied fashion of its substance. Nowadays, the true quality of fabrics or conditions of production don’t seem to be considered enough. The future of fashion will start where blind consumerism ends.”

“Les Puces de Vanves (14th arr.) is my favorite place in Paris to find wonderful second hand clothes or treasures from antique dealers on a sunny Sunday.”

Instagram: @eva.schwager | Photographer: @kal_reston


Top, Vintage (SIMILAR) | Trousers, Les Récupérables | Vintage (SIMILAR) | Necklace, Alighieri | Bag, GoodJob (SIMILAR) | Heels, Vintage (SIMILAR)