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Eunice Ward Tells Us What To Do If Your Luggage Gets Lost In NYC

Model Agent/Scout & Co-Founder/Director at 1920ONLINE, Sydney

“When I first visited NYC I had my luggage go missing for a week. I ended up trading clothes at the vintage and consignment stores in East Village so I could have something different to wear!”

“My ultimate ideal wardrobe is Kate Moss circa 2005, Glastonbury.”

“When I haven’t done my laundry, my secret fashion hack is wearing my boyfriend’s clothes.”

“My shopping spot for vintage in Sydney is Storeroom – I hear they are opening a gallery style store very soon…”

“When it comes to hanging out in Sydney, my go-to’s are 212 Blue and Continental in the Inner West and  The Anchor and Stanleys in the East.”

Instagram: @eunice_ward | Photographer: @danrobertsstudio


Dress, 1920 | Boots, Vintage (similar)