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Eris Shaver On Finding Your Feet (And Friends) In NYC

Model, NYC

“I’m Eris. I’m 19 years old and a model, although I have taken a bit of a break from in it the past year. I’m in a transitional period in my life, so when people ask me what I do I never know what to say! I love cooking, writing, fashion, thrifting, reading magazines on the floor of Mcnally Jackson bookstore and listening to politics podcasts. I’m originally from Arizona and just moved to NYC two months ago. I’ve lived in the city before for a month here and there for modelling, but felt like I needed to move here on my own without having to rely on an agency to tell me when I could stay. Feeling lonely is definitely the most difficult part about living in NYC. Because of social media (Instagram) I felt like I had a lot of friends in the city. When I got here I realised that just because we follow each other on Instagram doesn’t mean that we’d hang out in real life. I’m super shy also, so I feel like nobody would want to hang out with me. I love NYC for the endless opportunities to meet amazing, creative, vision-driven people.

“My skincare/beauty routine is very simple. I have one of those electric clarisonic face brushes that I use with Aveda purifying gel cleanser. After that, I use witch hazel on an exfoliating cotton round and then just Aveda hydrating lotion. If I feel my skin start to break out I either use this prescription sulfur cream my grandma gave me or the lactic acid solution from The Ordinary. As for makeup, I keep it really minimal with lots of Glossier products. Their boy brow is my saving grace.”

Instagram @eris_shaverPhotographer @kristenjanwong