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How To Write Like An Editor With Laura Bannister

Editor of @museummagazine and writer, Sydney

“I’ve always wanted to write. It took awhile to realise how lonely it is, and how disciplined you have to be, but I’m not interested in anything else.”

“To become a better writer you must read voraciously, squeeze as much (decent material) as you can into a day. Intern as much as possible with experienced editors who have time for you.  Stay late, ask questions and take criticism.”

“Museum began because my brother and I saw a lack of magazines that fostered intelligent, meaty dialogues with curators and artists alongside fashion editorial. We wanted to put the reader first by becoming invisible. We like that it doesn’t feel native to a particular place as the contributors span continents.”

“It’s weirdly nice working with your brother every day, even if you sometimes want to kill him!”

Instagram: @lauban | Photographer: @danrobertsstudio


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