14 Ways To Style A Black Suit

ways to wear a black suit

Make your favourite wardrobe staple work overtime with these tips!

They say you only *actually* wear 20% of your wardrobe, but personally, I’d say it’s more like 10%.

When I’m running late, the process of getting dressed is purely functional rather than ‘fun’, and I find myself reaching for the same pieces that I know will make me feel my best.

Unadventurous? Yes. Lazy? Maybe. Boring? Absolutely not – because I’ve figured out different ways to wear a black suit for every single occasion – and the options are endless. After all, it’s the one thing in my wardrobe that instantly makes me feel great. Tried and tested.

Rather than signing myself up for the lengthy task of shooting 14 looks, I decided to self-shoot this lil’ editorial on my trusty phone (yep – I shot these images my Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and used the ‘S Pen’ to trigger the camera) and pop a short and sweet list below. I’ve been wanting to put the ‘Pro’ camera mode on my phone to the test properly for a while, and this seemed like a perfect opportunity!

Read on for endless inspo (starting with the most obvious ones, and then moving on to some ideas that are a little more ~out there~). Let me know if I’ve missed any in the comments!

ways to wear a black suit

1. A crisp white tee with brogues or sneakers

Perfect for meetings, le weekend, or any day really! Accessorise with bed hair and a red lip for understated cool, or slick your hair back if ‘tomboy chic’ is more your thing.

2. Buttoned-up with nothing underneath and heels

My MO when I have a midweek event, and *nothing* to wear. Pop on earrings or a red lip and you’re good to go anywhere (without the added stress of looking over or under dressed).

3. A white boyfriend button-up shirt underneath

Leave it loosely unbuttoned to channel a classic French-girl look. If you’re not impartial to looking preppy, button the shirt all the way up, ruche the sleeves of the blazer up and let the cuffs of the shirt poke out.

ways to wear a black suit4. Wear a logo tee underneath

To dress-down your suit for the weekends, leave the blazer unbuttoned, push the sleeves up and add a cute logo tee underneath. You could even roll-up the ankles of your trousers and pair it with sneakers and cute statement socks.

5. Wear a midriff top under the blazer

If wearing nothing underneath is a little too risqué for your liking, a crop top will also make your black suit evening appropriate. Pop on some statement drop earrings and you’re cocktail ready.

6. Opt for a silk cami if crop-tops aren’t your thing

Black will add a formal touch, cream or neutral tones look elegant, or a pop of colour instantly speaks F.U.N.

ways to wear a black suit7. Belt your blazer

Now that the more obvious options are out of the way, let’s move on.

Adding a statement belt over your blazer will not only give your look a fashion-girl twist, it will also cinch your waist in and make your black suit look a little more feminine.

Wear nothing underneath, or try this styling trick paired with one of the layering options above.

8. Add a head scarf

A colourful head scarf is a cute way to inject some ~life~ into your black suit and make it less corporate.

*Hint* it’s also a great quick-fix for a dirty hair day! Here’s a few cute scarf styling tips we prepared earlier.

9. Layered necklaces

The deep ‘v neck’ on a black suit is just begging to be embellished. Keep it simple with a few fine gold chains during the day, or go crazy with statement pieces in the evening.

ways to wear a black suit10. Play around with hats

You obviously don’t have to go as OTT as I have here, but accessorising your suit with different hats can completely change-up the vibe of your look.

Straw hats add a summery touch, a bucket hat brings the street vibes and a cap speaks straight to downtown NYC. The world is your oyster!

11. I forgot about turtlenecks!

A skivvy-and-suit combo is always a good idea. Knitted, printed or sheer – which ever piece you choose will make your black suit brand new.

If you need to dress it up, layer a chunky necklace over the top, or add statement drop earrings.

12. Add an on-trend touch with a bum bag 

Designer bum bags are a thing – love it or hate it. Wear it over your blazer (around your waist, or strapped across your torso) for instant fashion cred.

But if bum bags are a no-go zone for you, we’ve compiled a list of our fave new handbag trends (and how to wear them) here.

ways to wear a black suit13. Wear bike shorts with your blazer

While we’re on the topic of being ‘on trend’, why not pair your suit jacket with black bike shorts on the weekend?

Sneakers will keep it low-key, while heels will have you ready for the D-floor.

Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!

14. Add a broach

Blame it on Gucci, or the resurgence of a love for all things vintage – broaches are back.

Adding one to your blazer is a surefire way to put a new spin on an old classic, and will instantly give your outfits a fresh new ~lewk~.