How To: Build The Perfect Transseasonal Wardrobe

transseasonal outfits

A guide to getting dressed when the weather doesn't know who it is.

Thanks to our pal global warming, the weather feels rarely ‘seasonal’ nowadays and a transseasonal outfits seem to be a necessity all year round. It’s basically four-seasons-in-a-day every day.

It’s totally awkward getting dressed when the weather is in a state of flux. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered below with our comprehensive guide to getting dressed when the weather isn’t quite sure who it is… 

Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Stockings

Stockings can flip the switch on an outfit, taking it from summer to winter quicker than you can open your weather app. Conundrum: The skirt you wore all summer (and have grown creepily attached to) now exposes your goosebump-riddled legs to the elements. Solution: Stockings! The same can be said for warm days that bleed into cold nights—wear your warm weather-appropriate outfit (be that a slip dress, t-shirt, and skirt, or pair of dungarees) to the office/day-time activity, then throw on a pair of stockings as you dance off into the night.

Hot tip: Logo tights are currently having their 15 mins of fame and are a super cute way to stay on-trend without traumatising your bank account. If these aren’t your thing, maybe patterned tights—which pair well with mini skirts—are more up your alley? If neither of the above is simpatico with your vibe, there’s nothing wrong with a classic pair of black 50 denier stockings.

PSA: Cardigans Aren’t Just For Grannies

Cardigans are back and you heard it here first” — Jai Kaldor, COH Editorial Assistant, 2018.

She’s not wrong. We’ve already stolen their pearls, and now we’re coming for our grandma’s cardigans. The real MVP when it comes to transseasonal dressing, the humble cardigan will go with everything from your dependable vintage jeans to your red floral dress (Bonjour!). 

Acquaint Yourself With Puff Sleeves 

To ensure you don’t pass out from boredom while getting dressed in transitional months, mix things up with interesting silhouettes. Puff-sleeved blouses are the best way to add volume to your look.

Invest In Good Basics 

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: good basics are worth their weight in gold. They are your wardrobe’s infrastructure, and without them, you will find it terribly tricky to build a viable transseasonal wardrobe. Good quality t-shirts and classic blue jeans are all a must.

Blazers Are Your BFFs

While you patiently wait for the day to arrive when you’re able to reconnect with your favourite winter coats, I’ve got but one word for you: blazers. Whether pinstriped, black or plaid, blazers will have you looking sharp as a tack, and will provide enough warmth to stave off those in-between-season-induced goosebumps without overheating when you step inside.

And, why stop there? Suits have been putting the ‘suit’ in suitable transseasonal clothing since before we were born, and no wardrobe is complete without one. 


Learn To Love Layering
Not that I’m suggesting you aspire to become an ogre or onion or anything, but if Shrek taught us anything, it’s that both things are layered, and layers are a good thing. This especially rings true in the context of getting dressed: wearing multiple layers is kind of like receiving multiple hugs all-day-long. The key to layering is that you should be prepared to take some layers off if the weather turns up the heat. Layer a light turtleneck under your favourite evening slip or wear your favourite vintage t-shirt with a ruffle blouse underneath. Don’t forget to layer your necklaces too!
Protect Ya Neck

Forgive me for going full overbearing Mum on you, but I just wanted to circle back on turtlenecks for a hot minute, because it is very important that you keep your neck warm in these breezy months. Eschew heavy materials in favour of slim-fitting, light cotton turtlenecks that can slip seamlessly under your white shirt or pair perfectly with a plaid skirt. If you’re turtleneck adverse, you can always keep the area north of your collarbone toasty by way of a high-neck tank top.

Words, @madw0n