The Ultimate Guide To Shanghai

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In 24 hours.

We recently found ourselves in Shanghai, the land of lush parks, crazy skyline views, delish dumplings, and cute lantern-adorned backstreets. The main reason for us heading over there was for Michael Kors’ Fall 18 press day—if you’re wondering what they means, basically we were one of the lucky few who got to preview of the label’s brand spanking new collection (what a time to be alive!). And, we were so enamoured by what we saw that we decided to take some of the collection out for a spin while exploring the ~bustling~ city.

With the Michael Kors Quilted Leather Bag housing all our goods, and dressed in some of our favourite trends of the moment—think vibrant reds, chunky knits, romantic florals and tartan—we hit the streets of Shanghai. 

Time was certainly of the essence for us—this time around, we only had just over 24-hours to soak up all the city has to offer (and there’s lots). So what do you do when you find yourself in one of the world’s largest cities with less than a day’s free time to spare? Read on for our ultimate guide to Shanghai, frands!

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Carmen wears Michael Kors Fall ’18

The Best Place To Get Coffee…

Let’s kick off with arguably the most important travel tip on the agenda: where to get good coffee. Beginning the day with a mediocre coffee is a real mood deflator—take it from us—so finding your local for the day is of big importance (huge!). Insert Seesaw Cafe. If you want a coffee that lives up to Australia’s high (read: snobby) standards, then this little gem is the place 2 be. The ambience is ~on-point~, the latte art is museum-worthy and it’s a cosy, friendly place to make some new friends (or, you know, just indulge in some good ol’ fashioned people-watching).

Other good places to get sufficiently caffeinated are Twosome Coffee and The Press by Inno Coffee (advised you also opt to have your cake and eat it too here).

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Carmen wears Michael Kors Fall ’18

Brunch Spots To While Away The Morning In…

Egg is a super sun-drenched little cafe to live your best brunch life in, with all ya go-to options on the menu including granola, breakfast bowls and b&e rolls. Mmm *drools*. Mito (which moonlights as a casual Italian-style bar and eatery at night) is also a good option, although it’s only open on weekends.

If You’re After A Lighter Lunch…

While it’s kinda tempting to really lean into the dumplings vibe for every meal, if you’re after something a bit easier on the tum, then Element Fresh makes a mean salad, as does SproutWorks (their acai is also worth a try, too). Little Catch will satisfy all your Poke bowl desires, and Green & Safe is your one-stop-shop for fresh/organic produce (with a lit little cafe also attached).

red sweater red lipstick style
Carmen wears Michael Kors Fall ’18

If You’re Looking For Something A Bit More Substantial…

Let’s be real, salad ain’t always gonna cut it in the food department (especially when you’re in holiday mode), so thank god Mercato exists. Set in the super *posh* Bund area, the rustic and vibey restaurant will make all your pizza/cocktail dreams come true—especially if you like a margarita and spicy margarita combo deal (so all of us, no?).

The Best Dumplings Can Be Found At…

Eat like a local at Din Tai Fung, or if you’re after a side of history with your dumplings, Dahuchun sits on the cutest lil’ street lined with lanterns and ornaments, and has super delish dumplings (order sets of six or 10 from the counter).

For A Spot Of Culture, Head To…

The M50 art district is home to a heap of modern and contemporary Chinese art galleries, all situated in super kewl industrial surroundings. You can peep the *infamous* Shanghai graffiti wall, see up-and-coming Chinese artists’ work set amidst restored factories, and there’s a lot of cheap (or free) exhibitions! Did we mention it’s super kewl?

Get A Drink At…

If you’re after a chill drank, The Bunker has a super fun vibe and there’s a substantial cocktail and whisky list. If you’re looking to ~let your hair down~, then head straight to m1nt nightclub—it’s located on the top floor of a skyscraper near the Bund area, there’s actual shark tanks inside (!), and they play all ur favourite house music/R&B hits.

ultimate guide to shanghai

Get (Purposely) Lost In…

The French Concession area is cute as a button, and it’s highly recommended you stroll through its quaint lil’ backstreets (many Instagrammable moments await!). Tianzifang is also a really cute area, with cool bars, cafes, crafts shops, design studios, galleries and boutiques.

ultimate guide to shanghai

ultimate guide to shanghai