Get The Look: Sun-Kissed Cheeks Backstage At NYFW

Ily, Phillip Lim!

“The makeup look this season is inspired by a person who doesn’t stay long in one place, a wanderer, with sun-kissed cheeks” read the beauty briefing backstage this year at 3.1 Phillip Lim. As I’m sure is understandable, my interest was !immediately! piqued. I’m all about that sun-kissed, bordering on intentionally flushed look, because it reminds me of being on holidays in Europe, where the spectrum of daily decisions I’m required to make is reduced to: “How many Aperol spritzes is too many Aperol spritzes in one day?” (trick question, there’s no such thing), to, “Should we get hard cheese, or soft cheese?” (trick question, get both). Sun on face, drink in hand, cheese by my side—name a more iconic life sitchu, I dare you.

I know we’re not here to chat through my endless summer fantasies. Although, in my defence, the spectacular collection—with its 6os-inspired floral prints, bucket hats and easy breezy cuts—would inspire even the most change-averse, hermit of a person to pack up shop and head off in search of a more nomadic existence. And the beauty looks going down backstage only served to emphasis this.

They say change is as good as a holiday, so this weekend I dare you to switch up your makeup look, and give the sun-kissed makeup a go at home. According to lead NARS artist, Francelle Daly, here’s how you can recreate the fresh, summer-apropos lewk from Phillip Lim yourself…


Behind every good makeup look, there is great skin. To help you get there, prep your epidermis with NARSskin Aqua Gel Luminous Oil-Free Moisturiser, the NARSskin Luminous Moisture Cream, and the NARSskin Total Replenishing Eye Cream. You know what they say: hydration > errythang else (I’m not sure “they” do, but let’s roll with it anyway, k?).


Now that your skin is sufficiently prepped, it’s time to get going on your base. For this, Francelle recommends using a longwear foundation, both a creamy and a matte concealer, and a pressed and loose setting powder. Voila!


Okay, okay, okay. Now for the fun part! Pack your cheeks’ bags and send them on a sun-kissed holiday to Hawaii by layering three different NARS multi-purpose sticks (Copocabana, Altai and Cappadoce).


Now it’s time to get going on your brows—nothing too crazy, mind you. An onus on full, natural brows was the M.O backstage this year, and the NARS Brow Perfector and Oural Brow Gel promises to get you there.


Once your brows are looking fleeky af, it’s time to give your eyes the TLC they so desperately deserve. Prime your eyelids for a pop of colour with the NARS tinted smudge proof eyeshadow base, and then do your best with the Duo Eyeshadow in both the Hammamet and St. Paul ranges. Lastly, give your lashes a lick of colour with the NARS Climax Mascara. Oh yas, honeyyy!


Keep the lips neutral, eschewing a lipstick in favour of your good old-fashioned matte concealer instead. 

And there you have it—the cutest summer makeup look we ever did see!

Photography, Georgie Wood-Weber | Words, Madeleine Woon