Here’s How To Shop Online Like A Pro

online shopping tips

Thanks to our novice team at COH.

If you’re looking for online shopping tips from our expert on all things digi team at COH, you’ve come to the right place!

I’ll never forget the joy of receiving my first online purchase in the mail. The item in question was a pair of high heels—so high, in fact, that they ended in a rolled ankle on more than one occasion, and the store from whence they came was London’s greatest export, Topshop. I’d officially arrived in the future! My screams of delight could be heard throughout every corner of England that morning, as the present I’d ordered for myself on the web arrived on my doorstep.

A life was changed forever.  

Since then, I’ve filled more online shopping baskets with globally-sourced purchases than you could point your computer mouse at. Sure, it’ll never be as thrilling as the first time (nothing is), but I still love returning home from a long day at work to a gift from my past self. 

The online shopping landscape has changed a mighty bit since “back in my day” as well. Same-day delivery means that I often swivel around in my office chair, peruse the internet for a hot minute, and have something delivered to my desk well in advance of that evening’s dinner plans. Instagram has become my shopping Nirvana. Consignment stores have replaced IRL vintage stores as my favourite place to nab a bargain.

I’m not alone in my lust for online shopping, either. Oh, no. I’m surrounded by fellow enthusiasts (/addicts) on a daily basis, such is the nature of my work. So I took the only logical next step possible, and asked the COH team to put their heads together and create a list of online shopping tips to end all others. 

Below, our guide to shopping like a pro online…

Carmen, Founder/Editor

Shopping tips:

“Scroll through pages and command click to open everything you semi-like in tabs before you inspect closely. Look through every image to closely inspect fit—hover over image if it gives a high res view. And, always go on the brand’s Instagram and search for real life pics of people wearing it to give you a better idea of what it looks like on different body types.”

Favourite online store: Need Supply

Georgie, Creative Assistant

Shopping tips:

SHOPTAGR is a good plugin on your computer to have! When you are on an item you like, you press that plugin and it will add it to your wishlist, and you can ask it to notify you when it goes on sale. I have also started shopping vintage more via Instagram rather than Vestiaire and The RealReal because it’s more curated—you can find more unique pieces and you can see it styled/it’s usually better priced. Some favourites are: @luciazolea, @sealaloko,, @shopthebreak, @casa_shop (for homewares) and @shopbackhere.)”

Favourite online store: KM20 and Opening Ceremony

Jai, Editorial Assistant 

Shopping tips:

“Always look for the same item on different sites to compare price (including shipping/conversion if not an AUS site). Also, look for the same item on different sites to see how it looks on various models—I also always look for it on Instagram to see how other people have worn it. Very helpful.”

Favourite online store: FarFetch

Madeleine, Content Editor 

Shopping tips:

“I recently downloaded the ‘Honey’ plugin, which is amazing. It pretty much scours the Internet for discount codes and then applies it to your shopping. I always find the best stuff on consignment stores like The RealReal. I’ve found that their mobile customisation feature has been super useful—you can tailor your search to specific designers, categories, sizes, colours, budgets, etc. Genius. My friend Betsy taught me pretty much everything I know when it comes to the RealReal so I’m passing the mic over to her: “I make a feed for everything I’m looking for, no matter how specific or unattainable it is (I have one for Khaite, because I love everything!). Make sure to only tick the brands you want to see in your feed—there are so many random/awful things/brands on there, and you need to filter those out any way you can. You have to check it as often as possible, too, so I use it as my morning wake-up activity or when I’m travelling short distances.’

Favourite online store: The RealReal

Olive, Executive Assistant 

Shopping tips:

“If possible, I always watch the video of the model wearing the product I am interested in buying. I find it really helps with giving you a better idea on how the item fits and moves on the body. One of my friends also told me a helpful tip—if you start a conversation with those super annoying BOT things and ask them about current discount codes/offers, it saves time searching for them and sometimes they will send you exclusive offers.”

Favourite online store: Net-A-Porter

Happy shopping, everybody!
Have we missed anything? Let us know in the comments! We’d love to hear your tips for shopping online like a pro. 
Words, @madw0n