6 Cool Nail Trends That Will Make You Feel Brand New

Nailed it.

I must admit that when it comes to caring for my nails, I’m not an A+ student. Once every blue moon I’ll get a manicure, feel like the jazziest version of myself and vow to indulge in this small but semi-affordable luxury on the regular. It doesn’t take long for me to let the varnish chip with reckless abandon, absent-mindedly gnaw at my nails during more stressful parts of my day, and then wash it all away with a sea of acetone, to be forgotten until the next time I stumble into a nail salon on a whim.

In the spirit of self-betterment, I’ve decided to give my nails the attention they deserve. Regularly. I’m going in-house to make this cute habit even more affordable (can you tell we love cost-effective outfit updates here at COH?). As per usual, Instagram proved to be a treasure trove of #inspo in the nail department.

Below, 6 nail looks that you bet I’ll be trying out this month (and which you should, too!).

Pastel Rainbow Nails 

My kind of rainbow is with pastels ?

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Maria Bernard is undoubtedly one of the kewlest women on Instagram, and that extends all the way to her beautifully-varnished appendages. Lean into the pastel trend with a hand that looks like it’s been dipped in a rainbow of soft colours.

Neon Nails


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Tight ‘n’ bright is back, baby! Give the 80s a modern update with tiny hints of neon on yo’ nails like dream woman Thalea.

Ombre Nails 

nature vs nurture

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Ombre nails is the new balayage, you heard it here first. It’s kind of like the pastel rainbow trend’s more subtle, sophisticated older sister. Make like Liamay and go for a sunburnt orange-to-red vibe for an extra spicy look.

Picasso Nail Art 

Okay, this one might require the help of a professional unless you have a v steady hand and impeccable artistry skillz. Turns out people are taking nail ~art~ very seriously, by recreating their favourite cubism pieces. I’m not mad at it in the slightest.

Matching Your Mani/Pedi To Your Snacks 

Gimme gimme

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Orange toes & oranges ?

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Courtney Trop officially has the best nail game on Instagram (and probably in the entire world). The above two images are a lesson in matching your nails to your food, in order to create some seriously aesthetically pleasing images.

The New French Tip

Here’s a hot tip: give the nail trend favoured by noughties It girls a much-needed update, by eschewing the white tips for a black line. Very easy, very effective. Very french girl chic.

What are your favourite nail trends? Share your secrets with me in the comments section.

Words, @madw0n