6 Instagram-Worthy Makeup Looks To Try This Weekend

Shine bright.

When it comes to sourcing a hot new makeup look to try out on the weekend (or, you know, any day of the week pending your office/school dress code), you really can’t go past Instagram. From on-trend lewks like neon and glitter, to trusty favourites like ~no-makup makeup~ and a glossy lip, these girls will inspire you to reach deep into your makeup bags and emerge a Pat McGrath-in-the-making.

I’ll be real, I’ve never been the most proficient makeup artist—in fact, for most of my twenties I wondered where I was when the lessons on properly applying makeup were being handed out. Probably holed up reading a book somewhere, or more likely, in my bed staring at the ceiling.

Recently, I’ve changed my ways. Books have been replaced by YouTube makeup tutorials (my skill levels still don’t attest to this, I don’t really watch them for their educational purposes, but rather because of their meditative/therapeutic effects), and my makeup bag looks the best it ever has. How’s that for a humble brag?

Before you lose yourself to the magic that is the following 6 instagram-worthy makeup looks, lose a good chunk of your time (well spent) LOL’ng at @terrybarberonbeauty and his weird makeup inspo—from the royals to the modest garbage bag.

Ready? Let’s go…

Sweet As Candy 

the best is yet to come

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Turn your face into a confectionary store with a bubblegum pink beauty lewk. This makeup looks best on fresh, dewy skin so make sure you do your prep.

Intentionally Flushed

Who says blush is reserved just for the cheek area? Popularised by shy, awkward teens, the flushed look is totally having a moment, and while I might skip it due to my generally rosacea-tinted skin, I implore you to try it for yourself. Again, dewy skin is a must, so make sure you thoroughly prep the skin before you try this at home.

Bronzed Beb

Headacheeeeeeeeeee (。 ́︿ ̀。)

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Ring the alarm, ’cause the bronzed look just got an *actually* wearable upgrade. I’ve been hankering to make friends with my bronzer for a while now, but flashes of my heavily caked-on face in the early noughties was enough to make me step the eff away. This lewk, with it’s subtle, matching eyeshadow and bronzer, is the push I needed to rekindle the flame. Also, will for sure be adding cute clips a la the above honey.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

didn’t see you in a while 🍭🍭🍭

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A touch more complicated than the previous looks, the effort put in will be far outweighed by the compliments you’re bound to receive if you do.

A Flick Of Neon


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Neon is officially in, and the easiest way to grab a piece of the pie for yourself is to add a flick of it to your eye region. Cah-ute!

A Hint Of Metallic 

Silver 🧜🏻‍♀️

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Ditto, glitter. If you can’t afford to fork out thousands for a pair of the Chanel glitter boots, treat your eyelids to the royal gliteratti treatment instead.

Words, Madeleine Woon