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The Easiest Way To Wear Colour Ever (Video)

Feat. styling tricks we’ve learnt from our intern!

If your wardrobe is black and blue baby, it’s time to inject some brighter tones.

But ugh colour…

Minimalism and subdued tones have been my jam for a long time but I’ve gotta say, when styled right colours can make one helluva look.

Straying from all-black-everything can be scary AF, but there are easy ways to introduce colour. My favourite: get creative with layering.

Start with a brightly coloured tee (any hue that suits you!). Wear a jumper over the top, in a colour that you’re comfortable with. Try grey, navy, black or white to tone down the tee. The most crucial part of this look is the visible collar, so pull that sweater down! Add a jacket over the top – it’s the glue that pulls everything together. In this scenario, the check works well by adding a bright stripe into the mix.

For the bottom half, I would suggest wearing something black (HURRAY). I’m wearing my vinyl skirt, my favourite trend of the moment. Watch the video to see this piece come to life. The time is now, girlfriend.

Watch the video to see how it’s done. The time is now, girlfriend.

Words: @blyjonesing 

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