3 Brand Spankin’ New Ways To Wear A Printed Scarf

The most versatile accessory of the season.

In today’s episode of How To Make The Most Of Your Wardrobe, we enlist the help of a printed scarf in providing us with three distinctive party season-ready looks. Such a small amount of silk, such big outfit aspirations!

Usually when I hear the word ‘scarf’, my mind immediately jumps to that scene in Bridget Jones’s Diary where she is cruising along in a convertible imagining herself to be some sort of modern day Grace Kelly, before her head adornment flies off in the wind, never to be seen again. See below for a lel refresher: 

After a bit of sartorial experimentation, however, I now see it for what it truly is: the most versatile accessory of summer.

While the following ~wayz 2 wear~ were concocted with us Aperol Spritz-sippin’ summer babies in mind, the outfit recipes can be slightly rejigged for those in the Northern Hemisphere who are heading into cooler climates (we’ve covered that below)…  

1) As A Top

This first luk is gonna require your torso, your hands, this guide and a nearby speaker blaring the Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights soundtrack (to set the mood, ya know?). Got all those things? Great! Let’s goooo.

To turn your square of silk into a sassy top befitting of an afternoon spent drinking fruity cocktails and slurping back oysters, you’re gonna need to know how to tie it. We’re not talking Girls Scouts levels of dexterity—just some common sense and basic mastery over your hands. Anywaaaay. 

Georgie wears vintage jeans (SIMILAR), Reliquia gold hoops and a Bess scarf

First, half the scarf diagonally so it becomes a triangle, then fold again longways once more to create a thick band. Place over your chest, then tie it around your back, at the level your bra normally sits (which brings me to my next point: you will have to forego a bra for this lewk).

Pop on a pair of vintage denim jeans, a gold necklace and some sasstastic (?) gold hoop earrings, and you are ready to rumba out the door.

Northern Hemisphere notes: add a white turtleneck underneath to turn this into a toasty winter-friendly lewk.

Georgie wears a Par Femme top, Reliquia gold hoops and a Bess scarf

2) As A Bandana

Sure, the term ‘bandana’ denotes a Hell’s Angels-esque bikie gang, but when done the COH way, the only gang you’re gonna be attracting is a gurl one. He he he. To pull it off, first fold the scarf into a triangle, then lay the bandana flat on a solid surface, and bring the two opposite corners together to create a triangle. Position on your head (we like to have it about a third of the way back down our head from the hairline, to allow for loose hair to casually frame the face), then tie the two corners in a knot together, making sure that it doesn’t feel either too tight, or too loose.

And now for the fun bit: team your bandana with a one-shouldered singlet top and a denim skirt for a haute summer lewk.

Northern Hemisphere notes: Swap out the one-shouldered singlet top for the long-sleeve version, and the skirt for a pair of high-waisted, dark denim jeans.

Georgie wears a vintage top (SIMILAR), a vintage necklace (SIMILAR) and a Bess scarf

3) As A Neck Scarf

There’s just something so Euro chic about a piece of silk tied around your neck. For a summery take, tie the scarf behind your neck, so there’s just a band of silk showing at the front. Simple, yet genius, no?

Also, if you’re feeling a tad extra, feel free to add another scarf into the mix!

Whichever path you choose, just know that the neck scarf looks simply divine when paired with a cream halter neck top, white satin pants and a pair of strappy leather sandals.

Northern Hemisphere notes: Eschew the grecian goddess look, and go for a more cool-weather-friendly combination of: cropped jeans and a white blouse.

Words, Madeleine Woon