How To Style Denim From AM to PM

Five *kewt* looks to take you from work, to the weekend and beyond!

There’s a few things in life that I can’t fathom living without: my morning coffee, the litany of Dermalogica products that sit atop my bathroom shelf, binging Love Island, and, in saving the most important for last, my ever-evolving denim collection. If I had a dollar for every time I tried on twenty different outfits only to revert back to a classic ‘jeans and a t-shirt’ combination, I’d have enough money to buy every pair of jeans that have elicited an “OMG I WILL LITERALLY DIE WITHOUT THESE” claim from me. And trust me, there’s been a lot of those over the years.

Slipping into your favourite pair of jeans is akin to returning home from a long day at work—a comforting and supremely satisfying feeling. But, over the years, jeans (and denim at large) have earned themselves the reputation of being purely casual wardrobe pieces. Today, I’m here to set the record straight.

Find me an occasion/time of the day, and I’ll find you a denim-based outfit recommendation befitting of the dress code. Actually, I’ll go one better and do the leg work myself! Without further ado, a guide to styling denim from sun up to sun down (and beyond).

In the AM

Whether you’re the early bird who likes to get the first worm (read: latte), or the late riser who rolls out of bed only after snoozing every alarm you set the night before, these Light Wash Nobody jeans are the perfect pre-day jeans. These are as snug as they are comfortable, which is the main objective for lounging around the house before you carpe diem, espresso in one hand and your iPad in the other. Pair with an organic cotton t-shirt, a pair of slides and your signature gold necklace for ultimate ease.

Running errands

You know you’re getting old when you actively look forward to running errands, but you know you’re doing it in style when you plan out your running-around-the-city outfit with the same gusto as Lady Gaga prepping for the Met Gala. On both accounts, guilty as charged! While the key here is comfort, that doesn’t have to equal frumpy. Know that you’ll still look chic AF if you bump into your ex by pairing your Skinny Nobody Jeans with a ribbed cotton tank, your favourite pair of shades, and a handbag that’s big enough to fit the essentials but small enough to not weigh you down. Cinch at the waist with a statement belt, and if the weather calls for it, an on-trend beige coat. Et voila! You’re ready to work your way through that to-do list.


Casual Fridays withstanding, work calls for a more polished approach to denim. I’ve got one word for you: Blazers. Yep, a structured blazer paired with a turtle neck and a darker shade of denim— like these Black Nobody Jeans, which were made with the modern working woman in mind—will make sure that you adhere to sartorial protocol while still looking stylish. Now just add a lick of your favourite everyday nude lipstick and you’re good to go.

Afternoon Drinks

Double denim? For a post-work spritz with the girls? Are you bonkers? I know, I know. There’s a very fine line between looking chic in double denim and looking like you’ve just stepped out of a time machine sent from the early 90s. Opt for a darker denim ensemble—like this Nobody Jacket paired with these Nobody Jeans—for a more refined look. Bring the look into the present day with the addition of a smattering of fine gold necklaces and a pair of statement kitten heels.*

*Foot note: a neutral-toned pedicure is a non-negotiable for this look.


For a denim look that’ll see you through the evening, it’s time to get a little more daring with the rest of your outfit. Enter the Going-Out Top. This can take the form of a cute crop top as pictured here, a spaghetti strap cami, or a slinky metallic number, but whichever path you choose, remember that the only operative here is to have F-U-N. Balance out the party that’s going on up top with these Cropped Wide Leg Nobody Jeans and your favourite strappy heels. Let’s go, girls!

Words: @madw0n