Here’s How To Survive The Next Heatwave

No sweat.

NYC was recently been hit by a mega heatwave, and despite it only being the beginning of spring here in the southern hemi, we’ve already been blessed/cursed with a 30 degree day ourselves. This has me mentally, physically and sartorially preparing myself for the onslaught of 25 degree+ days a’coming my way.

I may be a little over dramatic, and I’m not sure about you… But the thought of gasping for cool air during a hawt day and wearing anything other than a singlet and open toe shoes gives me the shivers. To be real with you, I become a sweaty mess, my body temperature has a habit of rising above 50 degrees and I am already loathing any predicted heatwave ahead.

You’d have to be superwoman to be able to put up with with slippery sandals and sweaty upper lip (SULA). Its not cute, it’s not chic and it’s definitely not by choice. As soon as the temperature starts rising, I start to think of ways to stay cool and wear as little of clothing as possible without bringing to mind Paris Hilton circa 2005.

With my annually suffering in mind, I thought I’d be selfless and share some *hot* strategies and cheats that have helped me previously during the sweatier times with you. Take a moment and read away to keep your SULA at bay.


Or any faux cotton material for that matter. I don’t even need to go into much depth with this… I know you all and squirm to the thought and feeling of wearing a non breathable, synthetic material that sticks to your body in all of the wrong places, leaving you to feel over heated and straight up feral. With the heat, these sorts of materials just don’t do anyone justice. Instead, stick to cotton or linen clothes (like this cute dress by Jac+Jack or this Amalfi Coast holiday ~vibe~ skirt ) These materials are breathable and also dry faster (toodles sweat patches). And lets be real, who doesn’t want to dress like the cast of ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley“?



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One of the biggest issues in the summer time was that I was so hot/sweaty and bothered that I was constantly dehydrated. Now I’m not the biggest fan of water… I literally have to force myself to scull two litres before lunch time or I won’t drink any at all. Luckily my mum’s a cleaver lady and sneakily started to add lime, mint and some orange to my water and BAM I was hoovering it down like it was a bottle of flat lemonade (delish). So from then on I’ve been doing anything to spice up my water. Give it a go and find the flavour that you’ll start to crave everyday. Ill tell you now, there is nothing worse than feeling physically drained, purely due to your lack of water intake. SOMETHING SO EASY TO KEEP ON TOP OF! Oh, another cute trick that helped with my water intake was this amazing 2.2 litre reusable bottle that I took with me everywhere.



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autumn always plays me cos i get excited about camellias but it’s also cold & flu season

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Weird, I know. It is suuuper refreshing though, you must give it a try. Dermalogica is a new fav of mine, the Calm Water Gel, WOOOOOWWWWWWWW!!!!



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That’s pretty straight forward. Every one knows theres nothing better than a breezy Lee Matthews dress on a hot day.



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Running cold water over your wrists for a couple of minutes will lower the temperature of the blood running through your veins therefore cool down the temperature of the rest of your body. Your body radiates heat from the hands, feet, ears and face, so doing so on any of those parts will work, though wrists just seem appropriate…



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Wear open shoes, or thin cotton socks if you have to wear any at all. Pulse points are plentiful around your ankles and feet. So even if you don’t want to swim, make an effort to drag your toes across that shoreline to cool your bothered ol’ self down. Get yo self a pair of kept sandals or thongs.



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Buy yourself some good old bonds crop tops, or head down to your local lingerie store and swap the padding for some lace bralettes- because, book sweat. Pansy Co are my go to, forever and always.

Words, Jai Kaldor.