6 Hairstyle Ideas That Will Instantly Refresh Your Look

Your bank account will love you, too.

Changing one’s look on the regular is fun — it’s almost like slipping into a new persona for the day, or communicating a different part of yourself to the world, pending how you feel that morning. But, les be real, not many of us have the time or funds to be constantly welcoming new additions into our wardrobes. Sigh. We live in an imperfect world, don’t we?

Outside of mastering a few easy wardrobe hacks, the easiest way to hit refresh on your look is by trying out a new hairstyle. Revolutionary thinking! Look, I’m not going to try and claim that a ~new hairstyle is as good as a holiday~ because literally nothing compares to the joy of packing up shop and going on vacation, but I will say that it harnesses the power to make you feel and look a brand spankin’ new woman. All without breaking the bank, no less.

Lucky for you, we prepared 7 hairstyle articles earlier so that you can really lean into the new ‘do, new you. Enjoy!

1) How To Master The Half-Up, Half-Down Look

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2) How To Wear A Scrunchie (According To Jen Atkins)

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3) The 2018 Hair Trends You Need To Know

2018 hair trends short textured hair

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4) These Girls Have The Cutest Hair On Instagram

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5) How To Get ‘Second Day’ Texture

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6) Cute (Co$t-Effective) Trends To Get Onboard With RN


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