5 French Women On What Style Means To Them

french-girl style

And their favourite pieces.

I’ve been obsessed with French-girl style since the early 90s, when I tuned into started the cartoon Madeline for the first time at age five. She only ever wore a uniform, tho, I hear you protest, to which I say, Duh! That’s the power of the French-girl allure. My name is also Madeleine, I also wore a school uniform, but did I have my own TV show and a super cute best friend named Pepito? Didn’t think so.

It’s the same nowadays—I pop on a white t-shirt and vintage jeans and look like I probably just stumbled off the couch to run an insignificant errand, whereas a French-girl will throw on the same look and a thousand think pieces like this will ensue.

Aside from a nonchalant confidence, part of the French-girl allure lies in their mastering of the art of the classic, timeless uniform. They look fly every single time with their high-waisted trousers, well-fitted jeans, check blazers, wrap dresses, frilly tops, metallic heels, and beautifully tailored suits.

In the spirit of leaning into our French-girl alter egos, we dipped into the style treasure trove that is our #STREET365 section to glean a clearer understanding of our favourite Parisian women’s thought patterns when getting dressed. Read all about what style means to them below, then shop their looks. 

Louise Follain

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“French-girl style is staying super feminine wearing an oversized jacket, wide leg jeans or the most basic white T-shirt. I love to wear denim, jeans, jackets, skirts, whatever.” 

Sam Bruelle

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“I love to mix different styles like streetwear and 70s hippy, paired back with my basics to unify my outfit. I care about what I wear because it’s the first thing that people see—it’s important for me to reflect myself in my outfit. Clothes shouldn’t be a way to hide but instead a way to highlight yourself. I love originality, and it is sad when everything looks the same.”

Eva Schwager

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“One of the best things about fashion is the power it gives you to be whoever you want, whenever you want. Style has a significant impact on the way I feel and how people perceive me every day. Life is like a theatre play and clothes are your costume, style defines your character and the story you want to tell the world.”

Anne-Laure Mais

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“French-girl style is effortless… I’m inspired by the 70s, and I love to wear vintage Levi’s with a navy jumper (it’s my uniform!).

Diane Kari

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To me, [true French-girl style] is a pair of jeans and a white shirt, worn with a good jacket and a pair of sneakers, or a pair of black boots. Really simple. Nothing artificial. My favourite t-shirt is from Brandy Melville, it’s got lots of holes in it; it’s really used. I also want a pair of Michel Vivien heels… They’re beautiful.”