I Make My Own Beauty Products, And Now You Can Too

3 recipes that *actually* work.

It can be hard to shop totally natural when ingredient lists are confusing and the products far too pricey. Minds boggle, bank accounts take a beating. This, however, hasn’t stopped me from delving headfirst into the world of DIY natural skin products, where I now happily play. 

Little compares to the satisfaction of turning unsuspecting household items—like an innocuous box of bicarb soda, or a regular old bottle of apple cider vinegar—into magical beauty products that your skin will lap up like a kitten does milk. Good enough for the environment, for our faces, and for our finances? Good enough for us! 

I’ve been around the DIY beauty block once or twice, and have emerged with a three favourite ~recipes~ of the moment, which are as easy to make as they are rewarding. Throw your crafty pants on, and let’s get to it, shall we?

 1) Coffee Scrub

This coffee scrub smells so good you’ll want to eat it — which technically you can! I pinch freshly ground coffee beans from a barista friend — it’s the best kind, but any grounded coffee will work a treat


3 Tbsp coffee grinds
3 Tbsp sugar or salt
& add an oil of your choice until you get desired consistency — I use olive oil or coconut oil!


Mix in a jar/cup until desired consistency. If using a thicker oil like coconut, sit jar in hot water to help melt. Then, jump in the shower, turn up your favourite tunes, and rejuvenate that skin (1 or 2 times per week). Word of warning: watch out for the potential slippery floor this creates! 


2) Deodorant Paste

I’ve been there. Forking out the big bucks on natural deodorants that fail you. Leave you extra sweaty, smelling odd, or doing nothing at all. Then I made my own! I got so excited by its success, I practically shoved the recipe down friend’s throats before they had a chance to ask for it. A miracle, I called it.


3 Tbsp Baking Soda
3 Tbsp Coconut Oil
2 Tbsp Shea Butter
Drop of Essential Oil (optional, I love lavender)


Use a double boiler or pop a bowl in a pot of hot water to help melt. Mix, then pour it in a cute jar or tin, and you’re ready to go! Swipe a bit on your finger and apply like a moisturiser. Here’s a few fun facts as to why it works: baking soda is known for ridding unwanted odours. Coconut also does this, as well as softening the skin. And, Shea butter helps to keep the mixture solidified, whilst being an anti-inflammatory (i.e. great for shaving!)


 3) Toner Spritz

This has got to be the easiest of them all—although simple, it still does its job to help balance the skin and ward off bacteria form your pores.


1 part cold-pressed apple cider vinegar
1 parts filtered water


Mix together in a spray bottle! Finish your cleansing routine with a spritz of this little gem, or add throughout the day when your face needs a little refreshment. Now, jump on the trend and get mixing!

Words, @sianhenderson_