7 Ways To Breathe New Life Into Your Denim

best denim pieces under $140

That won't make your bank account cry.

Let’s have a lil’ chat about denim, shall we? We all love it (duh), we all have it, (obvy), we all wear it (erryday), but do we make the most out of it? Probably not. If you’re anything like me (a lazy dresser who has *fabulous* styling ideas in her head, but who never actually follows through on them) then you most likely stick to one or two pair of jeans that you know look super hawt/flattering/kewt on you and your toosh. That’s okay, no judgement. As I said, I do it too. Although, I must say I’m bored of this bad habit of mine, and seeing as though I’m constantly surrounded by cute girls with great jeans in the office here at COH, I thought why not step out side my box and find more fresh lookz 4 me ‘n’ u to try.

So you don’t fall asleep from jeans-induced fatigue, we’ve cooked up a few stories for you to keep your denim *steeze* looking so fresh n so clean, clean. Below, the most comprehensive guide to denim you ever did see. As always, you are most welcome!

“Why do we need a signature pair of denim jeans?”, I hear you ask. Well, because it’s just the rules of style. Having a signature denim style to me means finding the right fit, colour and style for you, and then making it your own. That go-to pair of jeans that you know you feel amazing and confident in… And, isn’t it just nice to have a little meaning and story behind your *signature denim* look?!

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On Fraying Your Denim At Home…

diy clothing hacks
Got a boring old pair of jeans you’re sick of looking at? Don’t chuck em, reconstruck ’em (lol, I do try). Why not set those ankles free with some frayed ends to jazz up your look? Invite your girlfriends over, pour a wine out for your homies, get fraying, and let loose a little!

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On Finding Denim Jeans On A Shoestring

If you’d rather spend money on living your best life, instead of squandering all your savings on those $800 Vetements jeans you’ve been eyeing off, then this one is for you. Finding a good pair of bum huggers doesn’t have to be such a punish on the bank. Let me tell you, the best pair of jeans I’ve ever bought were only $30 from H&M (!!!) They’re seriously my number 1’s and have out-lived a pair of $350 pair of jeans (name withheld for confidentiality purposes).

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Victoria Houllis Street 365

While we’re on the topic of saving your hard-earned cashola for the important things in life, your whole denim wardrobe does not have to send you ~bankrupt~. Instead, do as I am doing, and look at it as a fun challenge. While I used to be all about the designer names, now I’m all about looking good in denim for less than the cost of yo’ meal. If it’s under $150, you can best believe it’s living in my shopping cart. Why not join me on this journey towards a plump bank account, and a fly af wardrobe?

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If you’re looking to spice up your denim lyfe, then I got you below. If the thought of another white t-shirt and jeans combo makes you wanna scream into your pillow, then I got you below. If you are a gosh darn denim diva, then you know where to look (i.e. below).

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best denim pieces under $140
Going to meet the parents? Want to lean into casj fridays at work like the true ~It gal~ that you were born to be?Invited to last-minute TGIF drinks but all your suit trousers are hauled up in the laundromat? Guys, it’s okay, you can chill. Name the occasion, and I’ll show you a way to incorporate denim into your look…

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Bonus Round

If you want to set fire (veritably speaking, of course) to your entire denim collection and just roll around town in one pair that does it all, then let us introduce you to your new *ride or die* denim jeans right hurrr.

Words, Jai Kaldor