The French Skincare Brand You Need To Know

Oui s'il vous plaît.

When it comes to skincare, I’m about as loyal as Tristan Thompson on a night out (not very), but one brand I have always loved is Biologique Recherche. First up, it’s French, meaning by default, I’m into it. Secondly, its hero product, the P50 lotion, makes me ~ feel ~ things. Sydney facialist and skin angel Melanie Grant introduced me to it a few years ago, and the rest, as they say, is history.

 It would be easy to write it off as simply a “toner”, but in reality, it’s so, so much more. It’s a liquid exfoliant I swear by for bright, clear, smooth skin previously reserved for newborn babies only. “Liquid exfoliant,” I hear you say… “I’ve got one of those!” I hear you, but I assure you they are not all made equal. There’s something about P50 that is incomparable, and pretty damn close to magic. I’ll explain the in’s and out’s of ingredients below, but it’s the cornerstone of my skincare routine and I credit it heavily to keeping my face clear and acne-free. My only gripe? It smells like onions mixed with salt and vinegar chips. Gross? 100% But good skin doesn’t come easy, and it’s an olfactory price I’m willing to pay. Scroll on for a little more info on why I love it so much, and a few other BR products that make my heart skip a beat.




So What’s P50?

P50 actually comes in four varieties: P50 (the original), P50V, P50W, and P50 PIGM400. Each one serves a different purpose, but my MVP is the P50V (punny, I know). Designed for dull or ageing skin, P50V contains yeast, horseradish (explains the smell), and burdock for skin that is bright, tight, and exceptionally clear.  There’s heated debate on the interweb regarding application, but I find it works best when I pop a few drops on a cotton pad and sweep all over my face and neck. It’s got a pretty zesty tingle to it, so if you’re a first-timer, start with only a few applications a week before increasing to daily use.  








The Le Grande Finishing Serum:

Another Biologique Recherché superstar I have grown to love is the Le Grande Finishing Serum. Aside from hydrating and protecting from aggressors like the sun and pollution, this serum makes my skin look insanely glowy. It’s not cheap, but I find when I use it, I can skip foundation for concealer and not bother with highlighter, so I consider it a reasonable swap. While it seems unorthodox, it’s is best applied after moisturiser, or alone if it feels like enough.   

Bio Kiss Lip Balm:

While we’re here, I may as well also mention the Bio Kiss Lip Balm, because it’s straight-up amazing! It doesn’t just coat the lips superficially (like so many petroleum-based balms do), but hydrates the deeper layers and keeps the moisture barrier intact thanks to a bunch of fatty ingredients like lanolin. In short, it will save you on those cold, windy days when it feels as if your lips might – quite literally – crack right off your face.  



So there you have it. A love letter to the French brand that truly gets my skin.