French-Girl Style Fatigue? Let These 5 Cities Inspire You Instead

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I’d be fibbing through my teeth if I said I didn’t spend approximately 86% of my online life lurking the likes of Sabina Socol, Jeanne Damas, Louise Foillan and Emma Rowan Rose. There’s a reason these women command so much of our collective attention, and perhaps too why including ‘French Girl’ in any story title is like stumbling upon a little pot of SEO gold ;). When I throw jeans, a sweater and boots on, I doubt my own mother would be able to pick me out in a lineup, so unremarkable do I look. See, however, when a french girl does the same, a style icon is born.

The formula French It-girls like Jeanne and Sabina subscribe to when getting dressed is unwaveringly simple—espadrilles and vintage jeans here, frilly lace tops and basket bags there—which begets the question: how do they manage to make it all look so damn good? A natural approach to (10/10) beauty can’t hurt, nor could a confident yet laid-back attitude…

But, we’re not here to discuss french girl style! Enough think pieces on the subject have been spawned to last us a lifetime (guilty as charged), and lest we forget there’s 4,415 cities outside of Paris that are filled with stylish inhabitants that wake up with the sun every morning to get dressed. Since we’ve all got places to be/people to see, we whittled that list down to a tidy 5 cities. Now, kick back with a beverage of your choosing, and allow them to inspire the heck out of you below!


Danish girls really have that whole ‘I didn’t choose my outfit, my outfit chose me’ thang on lock, don’t they? Effortless, cool and chic, we would not hate crawling into the wardrobe of every single girl below, where we’d take happily up residency for the rest of our days.

Sophia Roe (@sophiaroe)

Still my favourite boots

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Frederikke Sofie (@frederikkesofie)

Portugal ?

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Pernille Teisbaek (@pernilleteisbaek)


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Emili Sindlev (@emilisindlev)

Spring ?

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Trine Kjær (@trineswardrobe)

Veneda Budny (@venedaanastasia)

Barbara Potts (@barbarapotts)


Call me the captain of this partisanship, but us Australian’s know how to throw together a look. We’re a fairly casual bunch, but when there’s an occasion (be it popping to the convenience store to buy milk or flocking to MBFWA every year) we rise to it in our Sunday bests! Don’t believe me? See for yourself below!

Chloe Hill (@chloechill


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Amber Prado (@bbgorlambs

drape me in velour pls

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Monica Russell (@monicarussell_)

v busy lots to do ? #vodkasodacherry

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Ellen Virgona (@ellvirg


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Lillian Ahenkan (@flex.mami

Amelia Dibbs (@amelia.dibbs)


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Chesca Athas (@chescaathas)


London’s dreary weather doesn’t prohibit its most fab women from cooking up traffic-stopping outfits on the regular, with all the evidence you need of that contained within the Instagram accounts below:

Pandora Sykes (@pandorasykes

Fashion spam @netaporter #thenetset ?

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Bee Beardsworth (@beebeardsworth

Wild At Heart.

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Sarah Harris (@sarahharris)

When you look like a cafe latte ☕

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Ariane Hughes (@arianehughes)

A rose for the yellow bellied lovers

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Ruby Jean Wilson (@rubyjean_wilson)

Ciaoooo ❤

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Irina Lakicevic (@irinalakicevic)

Skater jeans are back and very ready to replace your basic Mom model #fact

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Los Angeles is home to some of the most creative yet understated looks that we have the pleasure of lurking on a daily basis. Now, you can do the same!

Glori Reantaso (@glorireantaso)

how did they lose my photos?

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Eliana Rodriguez (@elianagilrodriguez)


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Kate Parfet (@kateparfet)

bada bing

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Andy (@andyishh)


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Clare (@inouicg)

Dana Boulos (@danaboulos

never wanting to come home ? @jaketroth

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Stockholm’s inhabitants really test my self control when it comes to not setting my wardrobe on fire and starting afresh, every single day. Now I am passing the curse (/blessing) over to you! Enjoy!

Rebeka Breymas (@beccabreymas)

saffronbun/coffee pure genius?

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Olivia Bergman (@oliviabergman)

Somewhere between Wolf of Wallstreet and Oceans 666

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Patricia DeVall (@badrizia)

cuz mi momma told mi better than that ?

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Elinor Nystedt (@elinornystedt)

? #home

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