9 Cute Hairstyles From Instagram To Try This Weekend

Too much cute.

I’m at that stage in my life where I’m not sure whether I should a) cut my hair into a bob, b) get sum kewt layers, c) keep it at the length it’s at (long af) or d) shave it all off. Actually, it’s not really a stage if I’ve been in this big *indecisive kerfuffle* since the day hair grew on my head though, is it?

I’m bored and in constant need of some inspo. Luuuucky 4-me-n-u, Instagram is here to save the day, again. We’ve shown you the girls with the cutest hair…. We’ve shown you some of the cutest hair accessories BUT the two combined into one hairstyle?! GROUNBREAKING! And kawaii, too.

Below, a treasure trove of cute hairstyle ideas so you can start your weekend right!

Half up bun w/ a side of split front fringe? Cute, I’m down.

waiting for lé bois @gothegronk @czsta to arrive ??????

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Slick back pony with, tied down with an invisibobble and what we assume is a perfectly straight middle part? Oh yas, cute! (also into the mini ear cuff, shop similar here if you wanna)

GIRLS and BOYS pins back in stock by @eolhcsheppard

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If you haven’t already gotten amongst Ashley Williams London, you definitely will now. I’ve been trying to get my hands on these *bad ass* hair clips since they first came out (unfortunately always fridge sold out) (though NOW RESTOCKED YAY SO GOGOGO).

Making. Hair clips. Happen.

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Sabina at it again with the cute tings. Cute frenchy, cute everything.

First selfie of 2018 thank u

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Keeping it clean and sleek with Val-dawgy (who looks that cute with hair that sleek).

Taking you back to primary school. Experimenting with different ways you can use a hair tie. Trying to make all of the boys like you (the more the tease you the more they think your cute).

my sweet angel baby puppa buns ? you’re a ? mommy loves you?

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Oh Devon, I hate how much I luv u. Headbands are the sweetest, my personal fav.

?? ?? ?

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Sometimes I think id look cute as a sexy señorita… But then I stumble across gals like this ^ and I think I’ll just leave it up to her.

I like your style @rachelleebee

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Bored, you say? Deck of cards? Oh, you don’t have any? Thats chill, take a couple. (kidding, but Staz is my girl crush so I wanted to show her off to ya’ll).

Words, @jaijaibinxs