I Got A Week’s Worth Of Outfits For Under $300

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See it to believe it here.

I love scoring ~unique~ pieces that no one else has, especially when they cost less than my morning serve of smashed avo, don’t contribute to landfill, and mean I’m also giving back to a great cause like the Salvation Army. Sure, vintage shopping in Paris is très amazing, but if you’re not up for the 24-hour journey, why not look to your own backyard? You might just strike gold at your local thrift store, like I did on a recent shopping spree at Salvos, where I managed to find an entire week’s worth of outfits for under $300.

Trust me, it’s a helluva lot cheaper than a trip to France, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much treasure you can find if you know how to look.

Dress, Salvation Army | Bag, Salvation Army | Sunglasses, Roberi and Fraud | Shoes, Ancient Greek Sandal

Plus (thanks to the rebirth of 90s style), there may have never been a better time to hit up your local charity store for a whole new wardrobe. Spice up your op shop-sourced looks with your signature jewellery and cute sunglasses, and no one will be able to tell that your entire outfit cost less than a pineapple note.

The key to thrifting like a pro is to not getting overwhelmed—you need to be able to easily navigate the room, deciphering between trash and treasure, without getting hot and bothered and/or collapsing in a heap. To find out how to achieve this, get reading below…

Blazer, Salvation Army | T-Shirt, Salvation Army | Pants, Salvation Army | Bag, Salvation Army | Shoes, Bally

1) Know your key trends before you go

Once you’ve brushed up on what’s hot atm, look out for certain colours or patterns and make a beeline for them when you get there. For example, after a little bit of research, I was drawn to plaid, polkadots, vintage blouses and puffy sleeves, and side-stepped errything else.

Dress, Salvation Army | Bag, Salvation Army

2) Look to vintage-inspired brands for #inspo

Brands like Rouge and Maison Cleo are all adding modern updates to old classics. So you don’t wind up looking too ~vintage~, to have a look at their insta pages to see which cuts and styles are in—and then seek-out similar ones, like this polka dot dress right here.

Top, Salvation Army | Skirt, Salvation Army| Bag, Salvation Army | Sunglasses, Roberi and Fraud

3) Try on as much as possible

Things that look meh on the hanger sometimes come to life when you put them on. Grab anything that slightly catches your eye and head for the change rooms.

Blazer, Salvation Army | Trousers, Salvation Army | Bag, Salvation Army

4) Go oversize

Thanks to brands like Balenciaga and Vetements, you can get away with sizing-up in most things these days (especially blazers and blouses). And definitely do not buy things that are too small, or that require tailoring if you know you aren’t actually ever going to get around to taking them to a seamstress. RIP, all the slightly ill-fitting op shop finds that have ended up in the back of my wardrobe, never to see the light of day again.

T-shirt, Salvation Army | Skirt, Salvation Army| Bag, Salvation Army | Sunglasses, Roberi and Fraud

5) Don’t forget the men’s section

Slide on over to the boy’s corner—I find they have amazing button-up shirts and jackets. Sometimes even the trousers are great.

 6) Have Fun

Blouse, Salvation Army | Skirt, Salvation Army
Thrift store shopping is the best. Trying on a million different outfits kinda makes you feel like you’re the star of your own shopping spree movie montage, so don’t forget to have fun with it!