Here’s How To Master Masculine-Meets-Feminine Dressing

masculine meets feminine dressing

Feat. a few styling tips to strike the right balance.

They say life is all about balance, and I must agree. The older and (arguably) wiser I get, the more I notice my days are one big Circus-worthy juggling act—from running a business and nurturing a twelve-year relationship, to (gasp) battling a mortgage and keeping one eye on my health. That’s not even taking into consideration the effort that goes into ~looking the part~ while I do it (it’s called working in fashion, yo’). That’s where masculine meets feminine dressing comes in handy.

When it comes to the #fash side of things, my M.O. over the years has been all about fusing different parts of my personality together. My goal when getting dressed is to never lean too heavily into any one vibe, trend or mood. Instead, I’ve been trying to master the art of balance in my daily outfit choices—appearing “put together” without looking like I’ve spent the better part of this year deliberating over what to wear. Since my days are so varied, I like to make sure I’m always dressed like I’m getting down to business, whilst also staying true to my more feminine-leaning side. So basically if Lauren Hutton’s style and Jeanne Damas’s style had a little style baby. Cute!

As you probs already know, I’m a big believer in reducing getting ready time of a morning in favour of much more fulfilling pursuits (like hunting down my next coffee and scrolling through Instagram). As such, I’ve come to rely on a few quick styling principles that keep my looks feeling balanced. Here goes!

Wearing Louis Vuitton top, trousers and watch.

A suit is always a good idea

A black suit is my go-to. It always looks chic, and you can make it work or weekend-appropriate with a few simple tweaks.

But pulling it off is all about—you guessed it—softening the look with a few subtle touches.

Haute tip: wearing your hair out will instantly make it more casj.

You can also opt to pop on a pair of cute drop earrings and/or a feminine watch, and you’ll be well on your way to tomboy chic.

Wearing Louis Vuitton skirt and watch.

Opt for unexpected pairings

IMO, the girls with the most interesting style have a knack for throwing together outfits that catch you off guard.

A floral dress paired with combat boots and a men’s watch? Heaven. An oversized boyfriend suit worn with chic sling-backs and ladylike accessories? Even better.

Start with your outfit, and then finish it off with shoes and accessories that balance the look.

Case in point: this feminine look paired with a men’s watch (I’m more than a wee bit obsessed with the tomboy vibe of this one from Louis Vuitton, especially when it’s chilling alongside a silk cami and strappy heels).

Wearing Louis Vuitton top, trousers and watch.

Harness the power of accessories

Instead of succumbing to the fast fashion fad and buying a zillion different work outfit combos, invest in a couple of great pieces and change it up with accessories.

The COH team can verify that I literally wear the same few pieces to the office most days, but I change it up with my accessories.

Shoes, head scarves, jewellery, sunglasses and hair clips are all in my repertoire.

Wearing Louis Vuitton top, trousers and watch.

Step Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

Yikes, I hear you say from behind your computer, and I feel you (remember that part where I said I practically wear the same thing every day?). But stepping outside of your comfort zone doesn’t have to be daunting, promise!

If, like me, you’re all about that suit life, even trying something as simple as a ribbon in your hair, or pairing your suit trousers with a Victorian-era blouse can give your style an unexpected feminine update, whilst remaining true to yourself.

Conversely, if you identity as more of a Jeanne than a Lauren, you can breathe life into your aesthetic by adding more androgynous pieces to your look (a men’s watch or dad sneakers, for example).

PS: if you look to your right, you’ll see an example of me stepping well outside my comfort zone by cutting shapes in my armchair!

Words, Carmen Hamilton | Photography, Georgie Wood-Weber