February 26th, 2019

What It’s Like On A CHRONICLES OF HER Shoot

12 talent, 2 cameras, lots of coffee and a whole lotta love.

If you’ve ever wondered what we actually do on a daily basis here at CHRONICLES OF HER, let’s just say – “it’s complicated”.

You’ve probably used this phrase at least once or twice before to describe a challenging relationship, but funnily enough if I was to continue describing it, for me, our ‘business’ at COH shares a lot of the same adjectives – multi-faceted, all-encompassing, addictive, and oh so fulfilling.  

Valentine’s Day got me thinking about love so it seems befitting then that I “open up” and share a bit more about ‘us’.

We’re a (very!) small team with a bundle of mixed talents. 

Every day is different, but in a nutshell, we strategise, shoot, edit, write and upload all the content you see across chroniclesofher.com, @chroniclesofher_ and @carmengracehamilton Instagram accounts, Facebook, Pinterest – the lot.

This includes working on larger-scale creative projects, like this one for Valentine’s Day in collaboration with Swarovski.

This year, my goal is to push my creative boundaries, try new things, learn new things, and ensure nothing we put out there is mediocre (p.s. if you ever think it is, you should tell me – I’m all ears!).

For me, Swarovski is (and has always been) synonymous with love, so when we were given the task of coming up with a content piece that celebrates ‘love’ in all its forms, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. 

Sometimes, “I love you” is the hardest/scariest thing to say. It’s weird to think that these three little words could have a huge impact no matter who you’re saying them to (your mum, sister, brother, son, daughter, best friend, lover – the list goes on).

I wanted to capture this in a short film to celebrate these three little words and the genuine human reaction they always entice. 

Just as I’d expected, it’s not that easy to get people to genuinely declare their love on camera, but I figured out that if you leave them alone for long enough, they eventually forget everyone else is there and get lost in each other. That moment is gold.

Watch the video here. I hope you love (pun intended) it as much as I do.

It makes me so happy every time I watch it.

Call me cliché, but if I had to name one thing in the world that will always make me smile – if everything else was stripped away – it’s love

Happy Valentine’s Day from ‘us’ (the COH team) to you. 

“We love you”.