Skin SOS: How I Get My Skin Glowing Post Festive Season

how to make your skin glow

From steam baths to facial massage and beyond!

I’ve always taken a pretty low-key approach to beauty (case in point: this five minute makeup routine I did every morning at Paris fashion week last year), ‘cause for me, it’s all about minimum effort, maximum results and I believe the focus should always be how to make your skin glow. But, as I approach the big 3-0, I’ve started to notice small changes in my skin, and as such my ~lackadaisical~ approach to skincare just doesn’t quite cut-it anymore. And especially for big events. Life, oh life. 

I like to give my skin a bit of extra TLC of in the lead up to big events (hello, my sister’s wedding!). I call it my ‘skin SOS’ regime, and if you’ve got a big week on the horizon, or just want to indulge in some *me time*, I highly recommend you give it a whirl. Watch the video below on how I give myself the guaranteed-glow-facial at home, and if you need any more guidance, read the steps below after!





1) Remove makeup

While I may take a relaxed (read: lazy) approach to beauty, I have a ‘no excuses’ rule when it comes to washing off makeup. An oil-based cleanser is my go-to for getting rid of the day’s leftover makeup—you’ll feel squeaky clean and ready for a deep cleanse…

2) Deep Cleanse

To prep the skin for your at-home steam facial—and to rid your face of all the dirt that may have built up over the course of the day — a deep cleanse is essential! 

3) Steam Facial  

Now for the fun part! Get a bowl, fill it with boiling hot water (and your favourite essential oils), drape a towel over your head so that it creates a tent over your face, then hold your face over the water for around 10 minutes. Don’t steam for too long or get too close to the water, tho.

4) Serum and a facial massage

Serum is an non-negotiable addition to my nighttime skin regime (FYI, I use Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair which is potent and nutrient-packed, designed specifically to penetrate deep into the skin and address key concerns such as dehydration, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and texture). I find that how I apply my serum has an impact on the visible results, too. I have taken to massaging it deep into my skin before bed every single night, which gets the blood pumping to my face, giving my skin the help it needs to repair itself overnight. Win, win.

5) Sheet mask

No at-home facial would be complete without the addition of a sheet mask, and this bad boy is pretty darn hard to beat. It’s cute af and always leaves my skin g-l-o-w-i-n-g!

So there you have it. My easy peasy at-home facial that gets my complexion back on track every time. Performed daily, I find the combination of deep cleansing, steaming and facial massage breathes life back into my skin—resulting in a brighter, tighter, photo-ready complexion.

Words: @carmengracehamilton

Video: @georgiewoodweber

*Shot in collaboration with Estée Lauder.