How I Style My Bed

Sheridan x Opera House

Feat. my tips for nailing the balance between colour, print and texture.

Sheridan x Opera HouseI’m all for experimenting in the wardrobe and hair department, but when it comes to bedroom decor, I generally like to take a fairly low-key approach. This is largely to do with the fact that I share the space with my boyfriend—who probably wouldn’t be toooo keen for anything too ~crazy~ or feminine. Enter Sheridan’s new collab with The Sydney Opera House (pictured here) which are the perf in-between.

We opted for white walls and timber furniture for our bedroom, meaning that we can afford to incorporate different prints and colours without it feeling too visually cluttered.

I follow a few basic principles when styling my bed, see below!

Sheridan x Opera House
Pictured: Sydney Opera House Sketch Quilt Cover Set, Botanica Framed Wall Art

If you’re into prints…

I’m no feng shui expert, but when I’m styling in anything patterned onto my bed, I still like to keep the rest of my decor quite pared-back. Candles and special coffee table books are nice neutral styling options for bedside tables—if you have a lot of ‘stuff’, then go for a side table with a concealed draw. When it comes to bedding, if you’re going for a patterned quilt, keep cushions plain and add a bit of texture in with a throw.

Sheridan x Opera HouseIf you’re more about that minimal life…

Plain white styled-back with a printed cushion or textured throw is my go-to. I love the combination of the white Sydney Opera House Arc Quilt Cover Set styled with the Shadows Cushion—the combination looks so nice against our timber bed and white walls (and extra fresh when the afternoon light pours in).

Sheridan x Opera HouseIt’s all about balance…

My biggest tip when styling bedrooms is that balance is key. With the Sydney Opera House collection, there’s such a great selection of colours, patterns and textures, meaning that this is super easy to achieve. Style any patterned designs with a plain textured throw and plain cushions to strike the right balance, and if you’re going for a plain textured quilt, then add some colour with a painting or cushion.

Sheridan x Opera House… and YOU!

Your bedroom is such a personal space, so it’s always key to make sure it feels inherently “you”. You want your own space to be filled with different objects that each tell their own story (in the case of the Sydney Opera House collection, the designs themselves have their own great story behind them).

Sheridan x Opera House

Sheridan x Opera House
*This post was shot in collaboration with Sheridan.