September 5th, 2016

CHRONICLES 2.0 is here


29.08.2016 at 10.13am:

Today is a good day.

05.09.2016 at 3.17am:

“Let’s make a website!” they said… “It will be fun!” they said…

Launch day (aka GROUNDHOG DAY):

I’ve barely slept in the past 72 hours, I’m mentally, physically and emotionally drained, and I actually just said ‘I’m so tired my eyes are sticking to my head’ to my *shiny and new* creative assistant Lainy, but it’s totally worth it because CHRONICLES 2.0 IS HERE!!!

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, firstly, THANK YOU and so many praying hands Emojis. WELCOME.

If you’re wondering what the hell all of this is about, let me tell you…

When I started CHRONICLES OF HER circa 2011, I just kind of ‘did it’. I never anticipated it becoming my actual job. It was a means to an ends at the time – to get my foot in the door.

But after entering the big bad world of digital and pretty much spending life online, I quickly discovered that it’s where my passion truly lies. It’s what gets me excited (tech is sexy, yo) – equally – if not more – than a fresh pair of sneakers. I mean, I love shoes too, but I figure if I can combine the two and call it ‘work’ I’m #winning.

But in the back of my mind, I always knew I had more to share than my own personal story. I started dreaming-up big ideas… researching… brainstorming… recording my thoughts (some good, some really, really bad) in hundreds of pages in Notes.

And after cruising around the internet, Instagram, Pinterest (anything I could tap my fingers on) over the years, I noticed there was something missing.

Just as you guys have enjoyed reading my blogs for inspiration, I’ve been looking to others for ideas too. Are ideas ever actually new?? I think they’re always borrowed from somewhere/someone/something else, and that’s A-OK.

… But we all run out of ideas. I hate that feeling – especially when it comes to getting dressed in the morning. Sometimes, all you need is a visual cue to get your mojo back. So I decided to create a place where you, and I, can come every single day to be inspired by the inherent style of other women around the world.

And from this idea, CHRONICLES 2.0 was born. I hope you like it.

Weirdly, and luckily*, the rebirthing of CHRONICLES OF HER just happens to be aligned with an exciting time in fashion. After an era of minimalism and playing it safe, we’re once again starting to embrace unbound creativity.

I’m excited by now. And I’m excited for the future.


P.S. *Special thanks to my creative assistant Lainy for sacrificing sleep and weekends and just generally being ONTO IT when I’m not (follow @lainyblack for cute ‘grams and fun times).

* To OutRACE & studioFRONTdesk! for countless hours of hard work, and bringing my ideas to life.
* To Dan Roberts for capturing women and style in a way that no one else does.
* To my STREET 365 baes for being cool. Always.
* To my sister for pretty much everything.
* To my boyfriend for putting up with me through this process and assuring me everything I do is good (even when it isn’t).