This CHANEL-Approved Facial Saved My Skin

chanel cc cream

New year, new me, same skin goals.

At this exact time each year, I find myself slamming the breaks on to reflect, recharge and recalibrate my mind and body for the year ahead.

I love party season (I’m an Aquarian after all) – that is, until it spits me out at the other end feeling exhausted, lacklustre, and far from the ‘me’ I want to be in the new year.

For me, my skin plays a big part in this. Of course, exercise and gallons of water with greens powder helps to start turning things around, but in times like these (i.e. holidays, fashion weeks, or generally stressful periods with too many looming deadlines), I call in the help of the best in the business to kick start the process of getting back on track.

Enter CHANEL’s official skin expert for Australia, Melanie Grant – who I’ve been seeing on and off for a few years now in desperate times of *skin* need. Why? It’s an investment that yields an immediate payoff. My skin never looks better than when I’m visiting Melanie’s studio in Sydney once a month.

chanel cc creamProof: these images that were taken fresh out of the shower, with a little CHANEL CC Cream applied to my cheeks, chin and forehead.

*Fun fact* – this CC cream actually falls under the ‘skincare’ category (not makeup) because it works for you while you wear it. It uses hyaluronic acid to moisturise the skin and fight-against fine lines, while murunga plum extract (which is rich in vitamin C) brightens and boosts its natural luminosity.

Back to ~facials~.

I often get asked a lot of questions when I post about facials on Instagram, so rather than trying to recount the steps myself (I mean, I have my eyes closed 90% of the time) I thought I’d ask Melanie to share the secrets behind her signature treatments that have also become the go-to for dreamy girls like Phoebe Tonkin, Jessica Gomes and Nicole Warne.

1. What was the name of the facial I experienced with you?

A Bespoke Clinical Facial.

2. What are the main benefits, and who would you recommend this for?

This treatment embodies the Melanie Grant philosophy, where every aspect of your experience is entirely personalised for your unique skin concerns. Because of this, it is suitable – and recommended – for skin of all conditions, ages and concerns. Ideally carried out every 4-6 weeks, the Bespoke Clinical Facial offers many benefits to the complexion such as refining, clarifying, brightening, calming and hydration while boosting the over all strength and vitality of the skin.

3. What are the basics steps (from memory you cleanse the skin, apply a exfoliate, the pink face mask and then the light?)

The exact steps of the Bespoke Clinical Facial will always change from treatment to treatment and person to person in order to best cater for the individual condition of the skin at the time. Generally, I draw from a range of products and modalities such as enzymes, collagen and peptides, superficial peels, microdermabrasion, massage, custom blended masks, dermal boosters, ultrasound infusions and Light Therapy. Oftentimes, laser may also be incorporated.

chanel cc cream4. You finished my facial with CHANEL CC Cream. What do you love about it?

The CHANEL CC Cream is a true multitasker. And I love that the star ingredient is Australian! The Vitamin C derived from Murunga Plum is both potent and bioavailable and when paired with Hyaluronic Acid, it offers real hydration, plumping and brightening along with protection against free radical and UV damage. So its a wonderful preventative skincare product. The fact that it’s formulated with a broad spectrum SPF 30 and delivers natural, lightweight coverage makes it the perfect skincare-makeup-hybrid for the busy modern woman.

5. What are your favourite ways to use it, and how do you recommend women integrate it into their skincare regime?

I love applying the CHANEL CC Cream with my fingertips, using the warmth of my hands to really work it into the skin for a seamless application. The coverage is relatively sheer, though you can build it up underneath the eyes and around the nose to even skin tone and subtly cover any dark circles or redness while still allowing your skin to breath. Applied in the morning to freshly cleansed skin and on top of your favourite serums gives the best finish – quenched, dewy and radiant skin!



Melanie Grant currently has boutique skin studios in Sydney and Melbourne, as well as a seasonal residence in Paris. Her new studio in Los Angeles will open in February, 2019.