November 23rd, 2016

A date with Burberry

I kiss and tell... hehe.

A pink metallic dress isn’t my typical attire for a Tuesday evening, but last night was an extra-special occasion – Burberry unveiled its beautiful revamped store in Sydney, so to celebrate they threw a party.

The highlight of my evening (apart from the beautiful setting + friends + champagne) was meeting one of their craftswomen from the UK and hearing about her work for the brand.

Did you know that every single collar on a Burberry trench is still hand-rolled and stitched (including kidswear and teddy bears!)?

Learning little things like this reinforces my love for this industry and makes me appreciate the dedication and artistry of all the BTS contributors who bring luxury items to life.

Thanks for having Team CHRONICLES, Burberry ?


Wearing: Burberry dress | boots | bag