About COH

The Chronicles of Her blog was founded by Carmen Hamilton in 2011, and evolved to become CHRONICLES OF HER.COM in 2016.

What’s different? It’s now a daily destination for real style and real life. It’s a place curated by Carmen (and a small team of superstars), where you can be inspired by the coolest women around the world, and shop the outfits they wear on a daily basis. Think of it as shopping by association, and think of the CHRONICLES OF HER team as your stylish BFFs – showing you how to wear the dreamiest things, down here on earth.

The *shiny* new CHRONICLES OF HER.COM will inspire your daily outfit choices through STREET 365 and teach you cool fashion & beauty tricks with our HOW-TOs. We’ll also do the hard work for you in our carefully curated WHAT TO SHOP edits, show you what you want NEED in WHAT WE WANT and chat about the things you’re dying to know in TALK IT OUT.

But hey, if you’ve followed Carmen’s original blog for a while and you just wanna see her outfits, that’s cool too. Follow her EDITOR’S BLOG, and also check out what our team are wearing to work each day in our TEAM STYLE FILE gallery.

Our aim is to excite and inspire you when you’re getting dressed every morning, and save you time searching the WWW by showing you exactly what to shop now in a visual and engaging way.




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