Beach, bar & beyond

seventeenth August two thousand sixteen

When it’s 40 degrees, bikinis are life. 

It’s technically still ‘winter’ here in Australia but the amazing weather this week has me excited for what’s to come.
I can’t wait to be done with winter layering for a while and get back to keeping it simple. I basically live by two philosophies in summer – less is more, and a little swimsuit can go a long way!
I did this shoot featuring my favourite pieces from Miléa Resort a few weeks ago in Miami. I love the simplicity of them and the subtle details. For me, warm weather is all about comfort and ease. When in doubt, keep it classic, I say!
Here are my three favourite ways to wear a bikini beyond the beach:
Tomboy vibes and a little bit of skin peeking out the sides – throwing a pair of overalls over your swimmers is the easiest way to make them bar-appropriate. Think summer afternoons with wet hair, big shades and a chilli margarita in hand (extra salty of course).
If I’m vibing something more floaty and feminine, I go for a chic white cover-up. Literally. Never. Fails. Wear it with cool sunglasses and fine jewellery and you’re good to go pretty much anywhere.
A one-piece is always a good idea if you’re not 100% sure where you’ll end up later. A pair of jeans or denim cut-offs will transform your outfit from beach to street in a second – zero effort or thought required.
Wearing Miléa Resort (styled back with denim pieces).
*Shot in collaboration with Miléa Resort.