Summer vacation styling tips: part one

twenty seventh July two thousand sixteen

Zero crisp, white linen required.

Sun-filled holiday destinations always conjure-up mental images of lounging around in a white strappy dress sipping rosé by the beach, but that’s hardly ever the case (well, the white dress part anyway).
I tend to pack black. Lots of black. Why? Because it always looks sleek, you can wear the same pieces more than once without people noticing and you can spill the aforementioned rosé on it and pretend like nothing happened (it happens to the best of us).
Lately I’ve been travelling a lot for work and I finally feel like I’ve mastered the art of packing well – particularly on my recent trip to Miami with MATCHESFASHION.COM where I was literally on the ground for a (very) hot second (i.e. a couple of days).
So I thought I’d make the most of the Miami heat (and some extremely temping recent arrivals on MATCHESFASHION.COM) by getting snap happy with my photographer friend extraordinaire Dan.
Oh, and here’s some of my newfound packing wisdom:
1. Roll, don’t fold
It makes each item easier to find (so you’re not digging-up through piles!) and won’t leave as many obvious creases.
2. Pack fewer clothes and more accessories
You can completely change the look of this black dress with different accessories (chunky necklaces and hoop earrings are my weakness at the moment), so you could get away with wearing it on multiple occasions.
3. Pack less, choose well
Go for versatile pieces. This dress can be thrown over a bikini or rolled-down into a skirt post-swim, but it also makes the perfect dinner dress with strappy black sandals and a bright red lip.
I’m wearing it styled off-the-shoulder, but you could also wear the sleeves up, or experiment with blousing it out over the waist tie to make the length shorter.