Every woman needs this wardrobe classic

twenty fifth July two thousand sixteen

Always chic. Never fails.

Sometimes the simplest wardrobe items are the hardest to find – like the perfect white shirt, a new pair of jeans or a structured black blazer that fits just right… but when you finally find what you were looking for, it feels good. Really good.

Black boyfriend blazers are something I’ve been pretty successful at hunting down in the past, but matching trousers are another story. I’ve been dying to find the ultimate boyfriend suit setup that feels cool and relaxed (without completely stripping-away my femininity), and as soon as I tried this one on, I knew I’d found it. The fit, the fabric and the finer details are on-point. It’s serving me well way beyond the office, too.
Here are four of my favourite suit styling tricks to instantly up your boss status. If you have any others I’d love you to share them in the comments!

1. Expose your cuffs
This easy trick instantly makes your outfit more interesting because it breaks-up the black. It also adds to the ‘undone’ factor (perfect for the weekend!).
2. Pay attention to the tuck
I’m either a half-tuck, or no-tuck kinda girl. This makes a suit look more cool, less corporate. I also find it’s more flattering because you can bypass the whole fabric bunching issue, but if you prefer to define your figure a bit more, make the half-tuck your go-to.
3. Accessorise

Jewellery will keep your look feminine, while sneakers add a tomboy twist. It’s all about nailing that balance.
4. Soft hair is a must

Whether it’s out or up, wear your hair natural with a soft wave or a bit of morning-after texture.
Keep your make-up fresh and pretty, or play it up at night with a bright lip.
TY-LR blazer, trousers & shirt (available at Myer) | Elizabeth and James sunglasses | Reliquia earrings | Spring Court sneakers | Saint Laurent clutch