How To Wear A Long Denim Coat

twentieth June two thousand sixteen


You can pretty much wear it 365 days a year.

Denim has to be the best fashion fallback plan ever.

If I’m running late and/or my pre-coffee-morning-brain is seriously struggling to put an outfit together, I know I can always rely on my faithful 501s and a plain tee – any given day of the year.

I also consider denim a ‘neutral’ colour (along with the blacks, whites and greys in my wardrobe), which makes it super easy to pair back with everything else.

Basically, denim is always a worthy investment, and this long denim coat by M.i.h. Jeans (a favourite new addition to my wardrobe) is no exception.

Why? Because it rescues boring outfits (e.g. black skinny jeans and a plain black tee), and it’s kind of an outfit on its own. Then again, if I’m feeling extra experimental I’ll attempt a feminine take on the Canadian Tuxedo (exhibit A: these pictures) and wear it with my denim skirt.










How else would you style it? I’m keen to hear your ideas!

Let me know in the comments x

Wearing: M.i.h Jeans coat | M.i.h Jeans skirt Hansen & Gretel top