6 (free) ways to improve your style right now

twenty second February two thousand sixteen

free style advice
Learn from the best.

The fashion world is often passed-off as ‘trivial’, particularly during this time of year when fashion month takes-over our Instagram feeds and we’re bombarded with images from extravagant runway shows and street style laden with (very pretty) statement Louis Vuitton bags.
Sometimes, it even makes me stop and question whether I should be devoting my time to something more ‘meaningful’, but you know what I’ve come to realise? Fashion is very meaningful. It brings a lot of meaning to my life, and always has – and I’m sure I’m not alone here.I’m not talking about tangible items, because these things come and go. I’m talking about style as a whole; practising appreciation for beautiful things, celebrating creativity and acknowledging the art of creating desire. These are all things that should be celebrated.

So for this post I’m sharing a few things I’ve noticed all of my favourite fashion women have in common (and they don’t cost a thing).Read. Listen. Learn.

free style advice


free style advice
PRACTICE APPRECIATION… for beautiful things. Every day. Everywhere. It’s not about having more, but consciously surrounding yourself with things you love that lift you up and make you feel good. Special purchases shouldn’t leave you feeling guilty, materialistic or over-indulgent. There is nothing wrong with giving yourself the gift of beauty when you’ve earned it.

I got this bike at the end of last year, and even though I don’t get to ride it often, just looking at it in my apartment makes me feel happy because it’s so damn beautiful.LEARN TO BALANCE

… high and low, old and new. My favourite style is always a combination of the two, so cherish the things you love and don’t let them go in and out with ‘trends’.

free style advice


free style advice
HAVE CONFIDENCE… in yourself, in your style choices, in the way you look in what you’re wearing. You can wear the most boring outfit, but if you exude confidence, you’ll always be appealing.

COMFORT IS KEYAlways. Life’s too short to feel awkward.

INTROSPECTION IS IMPORTANTWho are you? Who do you want to be? What do you want to share with the world about yourself? Think about these questions – the answers should always inform your style choices.

free style advice
REPEAT OFFENDERWear the same thing twice. Wear it 10 times if you feel good in it. When you find something that works – stick to it (for me, that involves vintage Levi’s, a plain tee and sneakers 80% of the time).

I love when people develop a signature and run with it – the same vintage T, the same sunglasses or a particular piece of jewellery. Let go of the pressure to always have something ‘new’, and revisit the things you once loved that are very ‘you’.


free style advice
Bec & Bridge top | Citizens of Humanity jeans | Gucci bag | Céline sunglasses | Springcourt sneakers | Papillionaire ‘Sommer’ bicycle