How to look #fabulous, fast

eighth October two thousand fifteen

Yes, really. 

Forget what you think about fashion week. 
Everyone looks glamorous and composed, but 90% of the time it’s frantic. As in, most people are running late most of the time, with not enough phone battery, too many blisters and a tonne of ‘real work’ to do when they finally get back to their hotel (oh, but I can’t wait to do it all over again – obvs).
Needless to say, there’s actually not a lot of time to get ready – especially when it comes to the after dark adventures (because by that time care factor = 0). 
But one special night while in NYC I was lucky enough to attend a private cocktail reception at Mr. and Mrs. Leonard A. Lauder’s private residence, where I met the man himself and hung out with Kendall Jenner (as you do) which you might’ve seen on my Instagram
I’d been running around the city all day to meetings (i.e. hot, sweaty & humid) right before I had to pull myself together for this event, and it got me thinking about just how often I’m running late (=always) and need to fix-up-look-sharp in a hurry. 
So without further adieu, here’s 4 quick tricks I count on:

Choose an outfit the day (or morning) before, so it’s ready to go. If this isn’t an option, always wear black – it won’t show creases and no one will be able to tell if it’s overdue for a trip to the dry cleaner.
If you’re feeling a bit lacklustre, a little tan goes a long way. I know these pictures don’t really back me up here (it was the light, I swear!), but St Tropez Instant Tan in ‘medium to dark’ is my Holy Grail. It’s the best colour, and it doesn’t streak or transfer onto clothes (plus it’s water resistant and wears-off naturally). 

#1 rule for a tired face. I always use lipstick to brighten-up my complexion (and my mood after a long day!) and distract from skin imperfections. I usually touch-up where I can with a concealer (Benefit Erase Paste under the eyes), and then hit a classic red or plum lipstick. Here, I’m wearing Estée Lauder Pure Colour Envy lipstick in ‘Commanding’.


Seriously – the bigger, the better. 

If you have time, use a curling wand to loosely tong a few pieces on top (takes 5 minutes), then pack the roots with dry shampoo and drown the ends in sea salt or texturising spray. Hairdressers might not approve, but it’s my saviour. Lots of texture instantly makes you look more dressed-up, and that + a bold lip just makes life better in general. Trust me.

Dion Lee dress (navy version here) | Saint Laurent clutch | Holly Ryan earrings


Meghan Hosie