How to change your look with lipstick

first September two thousand fifteen

It’s quicker than an outfit change…

I know it’s all about au natural, bare-faced beauty at the moment, but I still can’t bring myself to leave the house with naked lips. Ever. Lipstick is my make-up holy grail – it makes your lips look fresh and full, and kind of adds the finishing touch to an outfit and ties it all together. 
A soft nude a few shades darker than my natural lip colour is my go-to most days, or a vibrant true red when I’m très tired and looking a little lacklustre. 
It also comes in handy when I have nothing to wear. My favourite fallback plan involves black jeans, a crisp white shirt, black blazer, textured hair and a red lip (if it’s good enough for the Parisians, it’s good enough for me). But what I love most about lipstick is its power to communicate or completely transform your mood. Pinks and peaches read soft, flirty and fun, while anything deep and dark is for turning-up the heat (insert multiple fire flame emojis here)… 
And then there’s the finish. Matte is my favourite (obviously), but sheer and shiny definitely have their place. Lipstick is the most versatile accessory, and at the moment I’m all about Estée Lauder’s Pure Colour Envy collection. Trust me, there’s a shade and finish for every single outfit and occasion (seriously). You just have to know which one to wear when…
That’s what I’m here for!
Here’s my three favourite ways to wear it – all day, everyday. 


… My lipstick motto for the everyday. It’s amazing how a little bit of something on the lips makes the world of difference to your entire face. 

Here, I’m wearing Pure Colour Envy Matte Lipstick in ‘Covetous Nude’. I stray away from any shine during the day but thought all matte lipsticks were super drying until I found this one. Unlike most others I’ve tried, this one has a really creamy formula (but the colour still packs a punch) so it never cakes or creases.

The pinky-nude shade of this one keeps this tomboy look soft and feminine while the matte finish keeps it cool. 

Added bonus: you only need one coat. Just slick it on (FYI, no mirror required because the shape makes it easy to colour inside the lines) and you’re good to go. 

… My motto when I a) look tired or b) am in the mood for fun (think Saturday lunch with the girls that turns into Saturday night dancing until Sunday). 
When I’m not quite sure how much I should dress up for something, I always go for ‘smart casual’, flats and a red lip. It’s the best of both worlds. A pop of red on the lips instantly elevates any outfit, and Pure Colour Envy Sculpting Lipstick in ‘Carnal’ is the perfect red. 
It’s probably my favourite all-rounder. It’s super moisturising and has a (very!) subtle gloss finish, but the colour is intense and kind of sculpts your lips so they look twice as big. 
Oh, and it STAYS. PUT. I don’t even need to use a lipliner. It glides on really smoothly and never clumps so it’s easy to touch-up on the go (but it lasts for up to 6 hours so you hardly ever have to). 
Yeah, I saved the best for last. 
If your attempts at wearing lipstick never end well, you need the Pure Colour Envy Liquid Lip Potion in your life. It’s kind of a lipstick/lipgloss/lip balm hybrid that combines the best thing about each. 
It’s pigment-packed like a lipstick, glides-on like a gloss, and gives your lips a hydration boost with nourishing oils while you wear it. But hear me when I say this one is not for the feint-hearted. It means business. Friday night kind of business and #bosslady business (a.k.a. my two favourite kinds of business). 
Use the pointed tip to line your lips and define the shape, then flip it over and use the excess product that collects in the reservoir for full-coverage all over. 
True Liar is my ultimate shade (and I’m not even lying). 


Meghan Hosie

*Shot in collaboration with Estée Lauder.