How to nail the ‘less is more’ approach to style

second August two thousand fifteen

… Because it looks easier than it is. 

‘Minimalism’ has been a thing, and is still a thing, but in reality, we all know there’s actually nothing ‘minimal’ about it. 
I’m speaking from experience here – this is a girl who owns 8 pairs of white sneakers in all varying shapes and styles (they’re different, ok? Slightly.)
But when it comes to ‘minimal’ style, it’s the finer details that make or break an outfit.
A basic white tee and jeans is not just a basic white tee and jeans when done right. Case in point: models off-duty – it’s all in the way they roll their sleeves, the jewellery they wear and the shoes they pair it with. 
… But there’s a fine line between ‘nailing it’ and going overboard. 
It’s all about finding that one special piece that complements everything you wear and ties it all together. Less is more, remember, so if you’re going to wear accessories, make them count. 

For example, the structure and simplicity of this cuff pretty much sums-up my style. In the evening, it’s all I need to dress-up a simple black slip dress, and it completely elevates a pair of sneakers during the day (making them almost meeting-appropriate, I say!). 
And when you never need to take it off, I think it’s safe to say you’ve found ‘the one’. 
The rest is easy. 
 Gary Bigeni top | skirt | Eytys sneakers | Tiffany T cuff | Tiffany T ring

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Shot in collaboration with Tiffany & Co and Vogue Australia.