Borrowing from the boys.

fourteenth July two thousand fifteen

And not look totally man-repelling.

I really, really, really like suits. 

Actually, most of the time I prefer to dress like a dude – just one with great shoes, cropped hair and Celine cat eye shades
Here, I shared my algorithm for getting ‘smart casual’ right every time, and today I’m going to share my tips for borrowing from the boys – without losing every single aspect of femininity you have. 

It’s actually really easy. 
For example, if you’re going to wear a suit during the day, pair it with flats (always!), but make sure you keep your hair and make-up looking soft and feminine. Then add in another element to balance it out a bit – like cat eye shades.  
It’s all about getting the balance right.
At night, I’d wear it with heels, my hair slicked-back into a low ponytail with a middle part, fresh-looking skin and a bold lip. Easy!
Experiment with your accessories (shoes, bags and sunglasses), hair and make-up until you feel strong, but still sexy (yes, I actually just said that word).