How to do smart casual

eighth July two thousand fifteen

A.k.a. the most common (and ambiguous) dress code.

I pretty much sigh every time I see the words ‘smart casual’ on an invitation because, like, what does that even mean? 
It’s kind of leaving things open for interpretation right? I know my idea of ‘smart casual’ is a lot different to my dad’s (love you dad). 
So I’ve come up with a bit of a formula to help you nail it every time…
This is how I dress for special lunches (think birthdays), daytime work events or pretty much any occasion on which I have absolutely no clue what everyone else will turn up wearing. 
This ratio always maintains the right balance so you’re never over or under dressed:
Two parts ‘smart’ (skirt + heels) : one part ‘casual’ (boyfriend shirt). 

You can mix this up any way you like and it will always work out – think a tailored black suit (two parts smart) and sneakers (one part casual). Done. 
Or statement wide leg pants, heels and a basic tee. Easy!
You + me = 1, smart casual = 0. 

Oscar shirt (similar here)  | SIR the Label skirt | Mode Collective heels | Ray Ban sunglasses | Sara & Sebastian earrings