The best style advice I’ve ever been given.

third March two thousand fifteen

You’ll always look your best if you do this.

Sorry I’ve been MIA, I’ve been working on a few exciting things (oh, and I took a quick 10-day vacay). 

But I’m back! And I have lots of good stuff to show you. 
This week I shared the best style advice I’ve ever been given on Vogue Australia in collaboration with Gucci. These images give you a sneak peek, but read the full thing here (and let me know if you agree!).

I’m also excited to finally announce that I’m now beauty editor of THE FILE, a new beauty website where I give tips on things like mastering the messy half bun and how to do the power lip. Check it out here.
Next post: my latest obsession – find out what it is and see how to style it. Hope to see you then! x

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