seventeenth December two thousand fourteen

All layered-up from head-to-toe. 

Even I will admit – sometimes, black and white gets a little monotonous. The thought of wearing colour is nice, but it can be hard work. 
If we were to cross paths on the street any given day of the week, 9 times out of 10 you’ll find me in black, white, or a tonal mix of grey on grey. 
If I’m really feeling fruity, there’ll be some nude, khaki or blue in the mix, but right now I’m loving a clash of textures and tones in grey. 

And if the whole head-to-toe thing is a bit much for you, get on board with grey accessories. They’ll break-up an all-black outfit, they also look beautiful paired-back with white and the colour is far more versatile than I first thought. 

Top it all off with some grey Nike Roshe Runs and you’re in business. Done.
Oh, P.S. I got the chop! But more on that coming soon…