ninth November two thousand fourteen

J Brand lucy camisole Oroton wrap top
A step-by-step guide.

Oroton cream wrap top black backpack givenchy sandals
1. Start with a simple outfit like pants and a camisole. All-black is always a good starting point.

Oroton cream wrap top
2. Layer an oversized coat or wrap top over a camisole and tie around the waist. 

Oroton cream wrap top
3. Let one side hang down so one shoulder is exposed and you can see the camisole popping out underneath. Remember my post about 11 tips for a cooler work wardrobe? This is exactly what I did with the soft silk trench here.
Givenchy sandals gold buckle
4. Always put thought into your accessories. Mix it up with statement sandals or a backpack to make things less predictable. Happy Sunday!