fifth May two thousand fourteen

Professional make-up artists and photo filters not required, but the right tools are essential.

From my experience, the best photos come when the subject’s natural glow shines through (with the help of a few key products, of course).

A flawless skin tone and radiant complexion are key because, without that, you can’t do any of your other features justice. Cue Estée Lauder Double Wear All Day Glow BB Moisture Makeup and Double Wear Brush On Glow BB – two heaven-sent little products that I rely on to get me out the door quickly every day.

As a result of weekly blog shoots, events and meetings, I’ve mastered a few tricks of the trade for looking your best behind the lens. Here’s my fail-safe seven-step guide:


Less is more – particularly during the daytime, and particularly when your morning routine allows for less than 10 minutes in front of the mirror.

Beginning the process with a multitasking product like Estée Lauder Double Wear All Day Glow BB Moisture Makeup is key, because it perfects, brightens, moisturises, nourishes (with vitamin C and vitamin E for an antioxidant boost) and protects (with SPF30) the skin all-in-one.

To create the perfect base, distribute the product across your forehead, cheeks, chin and nose, and then blend outwards towards your jawline (I use my fingers and a pressing motion to knead the product into my skin so no unevenness is detectable).
You’ll notice your skin is instantly vibrant, and perfectly prepped for the next step.

The Double Wear Brush On Glow BB is, without a doubt, my new best friend. I take it everywhere with me in my handbag, for a quick touch-up or an instant lift throughout the day.

To hide imperfections, apply a small dot on blemishes and gently blend outwards. The illuminating properties in the pen diffuse the light and hide any unwanted discolouration or imperfections.
Then (my favourite part), use this little magic wand to enhance your facial features. Apply it to your cheekbones, brow bones, dark circles under the eyes, centre of your forehead, either side of your nose, the cupid’s bow and the middle of the bottom lip (basically anywhere the light naturally hits your face). Use your finger to blend the product in, and watch your eyes get brighter, your lips appear bigger and your cheekbones seem higher.

I use: Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder in ‘Medium’.

Give your face more depth in the photo by use a bronzing powder to sculpt in below the cheekbones and around the edge of the face. If you want a super-bronzed finish, dust it down your nose also, otherwise leave it bare for a more open, brighter result.
Open-up tired eyes by curling lashes multiple times, from the very bottom to the tips.

Subtly shading the contour of the eyes with a warm eye shadow or cream shadow will make your eyes pop through a photo, without distorting their shape and detracting from their natural beauty (like eyeliner can sometimes do).
Sweep the colour along the upper eyelid to just above the crease, and along the lower lashline (don’t forget this step), then blend.
Light-up your eyes and create the illusion of a brighter face by applying the Double Wear Brush On Glow BB to the inner corners of the eyes.
I use: Clinique High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara in ‘Extreme Black’.

Create your most flattering brow shape by brushing the hairs upwards, then filling them in with a pencil so that the inner corners line up with the outer edge of your nostrils, and the arches begin slightly beyond the outer edge of your pupils.
Add the finishing touch to your eyes with a coating of mascara. For the most natural result on the bottom lashes, rest the wand on the lashes then blink gently.
I use: Bobbi Brown Blush in ‘Nectar’ or Clinique Blushing Blush Powder in ‘Aglow’.
Cameras tend to wash the colour out of your face, so I always include a dusting of pink blush on the apples of the cheeks (which also adds warmth to the face) and a slick of lipstick a shade or two darker than your natural lip colour.
To make lips appear bigger, apply a generous amount of the colour to the center of the lips, and then use your finger to press the colour outwards, allowing it to gently blend beyond the lip line.
Enhance the shape of the cupid’s bow with a spot of Double Wear Brush On Glow BB just above the top lip.

For voluminous, low-maintenance hair that always looks great, tie your hair in a top knot in the morning, then let it out and scrunch some sea salt spray through the ends to create texture.

The rest is up to confidence and a lots of practice!

Experiment with different angles to find your most flattering face shape. Tilting your head down slightly will bring out the eyes, while tilting the head back creates a more angular jaw line.

A flawless complexion, combined with an inner and outer glow will best-capture your most flattering portrait.

Wearing Camilla and Marc top and ASOS skirt throughout.