sixth April two thousand fourteen

Let’s talk about life after balayage. Here’s what’s next…

I’m not a risk taker. 
I don’t cross the road when the little man isn’t green, just like I’ve never strayed too far from my natural hair colour. Except for when I dyed it blue black in year ten. That was awkward. 

I’ve always been an advocate of the old adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, but sometimes “safe” gets boring. The first time this happened, I discovered balayage. Fastforward five years and I’m back to being bored. With fashion week kicking off this week, I wanted a change. 
Balayage is dead. So where to from here? 

Spotlight. No, we’re not going fabric shopping.
Spotlight is a new colour technique that my favourites at Oscar Oscar salons introduced me to recently. Boring technicalities and confusing words aside, basically, it mimics the way sunlight reflects off your hair when it’s hitting your face. 

The lighter pieces are focussed on the midsections near the cheekbones and around the front sections which opens up the face and makes you look like a big sunkissed beach babe. Ultimately, that’s what we were all going for with the whole balayage thing right? 

Natural is still the keyword. We don’t want any scary skunk effect. The colour should be perfectly blended with some lighter pieces also through the back to tie it all together. 

Not exactly sure why I had my eyes closed here. Either catching some zzz’s or thanking the lord that I have the best damn hair colourist ever. Love you Michael!