tenth February two thousand fourteen

New shoes from Witchery
With so many new things to smile about, I thought it was only fair to share the love. 

1. New happy pants by Alexander Wang (that are actually on sale right now). And yes, they’re the ones on my Instagram
2. Early morning meetings in said happy pants. One may think meetings are a strange thing to smile about, but my kind of meetings usually involve lots of coffee, sugary treats and people who are actually fun to talk to, so life’s not all that bad. 

3. Jo Malone London‘s new limited edition ‘London Rain’ collection – which ‘captures the different moods of a downpour, from the soft sparkle of a morning shower to a wild rainstorm at night’. Think white jamine and mint or black cedarwood and juniper. Nuff said. I’m hooked. 

4. Flowers in full bloom. I also learnt that if you put a crushed Panadol tablet into the water, they last at least three times as long. My friend says it’s because you’re easing their pain after chopping their legs off (ha…ha!). 
5. My sweet, sweet boyfriend for taking the photo above. 

6. My new Dylan Kain ‘The Lovette’ handbag. We’ve been joined at the hip since we met. Literally. 

7. Birthday party polaroids. I reached the quarter century milestone last weekend and decided to celebrate with a Mexican fiesta. It was simply, the best. 

8. New boy-meets-girl PJs from Glassons. The perfect pinstripe and boxy, boyish shape with a sweet little tank top to match. I might even wear them out – Alexander Wang said it’s ok. 
9. Testing out Dior’s Airflash airbrush foundation (and having way too much fun in the process). My verdict coming soon.